Leading successful careers and making work life enjoyable so that your entire life can be fulfilling. Helping you not just survive everyday work life but thrive through the most important years of your life – your career years.

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May 3, 2023

Weekly Routines That Will Make You a Top-Performing Product Manager

In this podcast, we'll be discussing the weekly routines that can help you become a top-performing product manager. Whether you're a seasone…

Mar 31, 2023

How to make great Product Decisions as an Indecisive Person

Do you struggle with making product decisions? Are you someone who finds it hard to commit to a choice, often getting lost in analysis paralysis? If s…

Mar 7, 2023

How to avoid common mistakes in creating a Product Vision

In today's episode, where we'll be discussing common mistakes that product managers make when creating a product vision, and how to avoid them. Having…

Jan 20, 2023

Three (3) ways to start your Product Management career in North America

The Product Manager role is one of the most fascinating roles in the Tech industry right now. It's especially attractive for people who want a soft la…

Jun 21, 2021

Digital and Web Accessibility with Tobi Ogunsina

"Your product or service is not usable if it's not accessible".  What does that mean? How do we cater to the digital needs of everyone in our soc…

May 1, 2021

Transitioning from mid-Product Management to Product Leadership with Chantal Donaldson-Foyer

When product managers unite, what do they have to say? Well, on this week's episode, Detan seats with Chantal Donaldson-Foyer to unravel the good, bad…

Dec 29, 2020

Managing Hard Work vs Smart Work with Segun Ajiboye

Organizations and individuals are starting to place more emphasis on productivity, rather than hours worked or effort committed to work. This is simpl…

Oct 23, 2020

Career Transition for a Medical Professional with Dr. Dara Olatoke

Season 2 is here! The one where we start co-hosting! On today's episode, our first co-hosted episode (whoot! whoot!), we speak to Dr. Dara Olatoke who…

Oct 12, 2019

Three (3) Things on embracing change

Recently, 3 things that have really stood out for me and been my guiding principle as I transition through changes and re-alignment towards my persona…

Apr 7, 2019

The Founder Balance

Are you considering transitioning out of your paid employment into pursuing your own business idea and innovation? Do you feel your classic 9-to-5&nbs…

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