An unconventional, non-dimensional, unfiltered, uncensored, relatable podcast that aims to tackle the daily lifestyle of all and sundry, from the lenses of two noble African women.

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Jul 22, 2020

Unpopular Opinions and Things: Part II

In this fun, exciting episode, just like the last one, we discussed some more interesting unpopular opinions and things!😂 Part III is on the way! T…

Jul 1, 2020

Unpopular Opinions and Things: Part 1

In this fun, exciting episode, we discussed an array of interesting unpopular opinions and things!🤣 Be on the look out for part II!

Apr 8, 2020

Using Your "Stand Out" Traits As A Weapon

We all are different. And these differences are things that make us who we are. Unique. Beautiful. Amazing creatures. This episode tackles the ways by…

Feb 14, 2020

A Question of Silence: Let's talk about our feelings (or Nah)

In this episode, silence is questioned, challenged, unpacked and digested, in comparison to communication in our various relationships. Do you maintai…

Jan 21, 2020

Taking Total Control

It is a new year. A new month. A new decade. In this light, it is important that we get ourselves straight in every aspect of our general humanity: ph…

Jan 10, 2020

First And Foremost.

Welcome to Way. Down. Deep.! Get to know us! We want to know you. This is us (Savage X Serene) - Thanks for listening!🙏🏾❤ #waydowndeep #stayro…

Dec 29, 2019

Way.Down.Deep With Savage X Serene (Trailer)

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