Let’s relate and talk about real life issues and what goes through the mind of an average youth, trending topics, drama relationships, life hacks and so much more

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Nov 27, 2022

Christian Dating 101: Misconceptions, Boundaries and what not

What do you think christian dating entails? Do you think it is boring? Overtly spiritual? Or not romantic enough? How exactly should it be? My friends…

Jul 24, 2021

Educational Sector: Nigerian Universities

If you survived / if you’re surviving a Nigerian University Omo you’re already a superhero. Every Nigerian knows that schooling here is definitely…

Jun 11, 2021

Lovers & Friends

Heard everybody is staying indoors today so I’m that case,here’s an episode of your favourite pod to keep you company✨ LOVERS and FRIENDS. Do yo…

May 21, 2021

Movie Review: Behind Her Eyes (Astral Projection)

So I’m sure a lot of us have seen the movie “Behind Her Eyes” and we all have our opinions and thoughts about it. Join Tona and I as we delve in…

May 15, 2021

Self Depreciating Humour(Yab na Yab no matter how e take funny reach)

Who deyyy breeettttt!!!!!! Vibes and What not is “Back n’ Better” guyssss Yess your “Overraw Best in Podcast” Duo don show. We are so sorry…

Feb 12, 2021

An angry episode ( Anger Management 101)

Did you find yourself angry today? This week? Even in the last month? How often are you angry at someone else or something else? On this episode, we t…

Feb 7, 2021

Valentine Special

Tis the season of love and stufff😹🦋, so on this episode Tona and I will be giving you guys tips on how to spend Valentine's day either with fami…

Jan 30, 2021

Are you your spec's spec?!!!(speccable speculus)

So everybody is always talking about how thi one is their spec and how that one is their spec but let's be honest. How sure are you that you're spec's…

Jan 22, 2021

Toxic Relationships

Lets talk about toxic relationships love, for example: Are you one of those people that knowingly makes their partner jealous with the excuse of " i w…

Jan 16, 2021

Proposals and What not

Imagine proposing to someone in public or private and the person says NO?!! What will you do? Will the relationship come to a screeching halt or will…

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