Sharing vulnerable stories with of my life with valuable lessons.

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Dec 7, 2020

My Reboot Camp Experience

I had given up on the possibility of getting healed. My weekend at Reboot Camp changed that.

Oct 5, 2020

Here’s why you procrastinate.

Procrastination has nothing to do with work. Listen to find out more!

Sep 30, 2020

My business transition.

Who missed me? My last episode was in May. But I’m back with weekly episodes!

May 12, 2020

We grew apart ft Deborah Fori

My best friend of 10years and I broke up. We decided to talk about about it in this podcast. Our feelings, what we did and where we’re at now. I’m…

Apr 15, 2020

From radio to corporate America ft Tobe Nneji.

In this episode, I asked some questions about her transition in career, radio then and now, and moving from Nigeria to USA! I hope you enjoy this epis…

Apr 13, 2020

Men with ambitious women ft. SALEM KING

After watching “Self Made” on Netflix, I decided to have a discussion with Salem King. He talks about dealing with insecurities being with a power…

Feb 12, 2020

Happy new year lol

Just a quick recap on what I’ve been up to! I’m so excited for this season , guys.

Nov 2, 2019

Emotional Healing

A lot of us would rather sweep things (pain) under the carpet than address them. So unhealthy! God wants to heal us. Let’s let him. I hope you learn…

Oct 12, 2019

A Test for every word.

I woke up yesterday pumped to conquer the day and things went south.

Sep 28, 2019

Conflict Resolution Tips

Here are some tips I have learnt and applied to all my relationships. They have helped me so far and I thought to share! Enjoy ❤️…

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