A podcast for twenty-Somethings and those that love them. We get to discuss issues both young adults and solutions to such challenges.

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Aug 12, 2022

Twenty Somethings Rant

A podcast for Twenties and those that love them ❤️ …

Aug 10, 2022

Baby Boy Lifestyle

On today's episode of the podcast, Jessica Fortunes is joined by Cavey who shares his baby boy lifestyle with us. Hopefully this inspires more men to…

Aug 3, 2022

Leaving Your Twenties And Turning Thirty

This episode features two of my best people, Bola and Nwanne. With both of them turning 30 this year, I had the honour of speaking to them about their…

Jul 27, 2022

New me, new season, break-up, new job, travels and more (life update)

We're back!! After what feels like forever, Twenty Somethings Rant is back and available on all your favourite podcast streaming platforms. 🥳  It'…

Jul 25, 2022

Twenty Somethings Rant Season 4 Official Trailer

WE’RE BACCCCKKKKK!!! #TwentySomethingsRant season 4 drops on July 27th 🔥     Join @jessicafortunes, and other Twenties as they dis…

Aug 17, 2021

Opinions || In your Early 20s should you date someone in their 30s/40s??

sharing my opinions on issues affecting Twenties …

Aug 9, 2021

A Story Of Grass To Grace

I got to talk to Testimony about his journey building a profitable business from an unexpected place.

Aug 2, 2021

Listeners Episode || Reacting To Feedback From Twenties About Twenty Somethings Rant Podcast

To start off the new month, I decided to playback some amazing feedback I have gotten from people who listen to Twenty Somethings Rant podcast. This i…

Jul 26, 2021

Life As A First Born Child In An African Home

Hello, on this episode, myself and a fellow 20something, Goodness get to rant about life as a first born in an African home.  Enjoy…

Jul 19, 2021

10 Things Someone Should Have Taught Me

This episode is inspired by Titilope Sonuga's poem, '10 Things'. I listened to this poem for the first time last week and it spoke to my heart. Most o…

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