This is a podcast for young adults, here they get to Rant, learn and bond as a team.

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Sep 28, 2022

Adulting Friendships; building healthy friendships in your twenties

As an adult, you will need all the friends you can get!!! On this episode, we have friends Adesua and Gabriella, sharing their tips building their fri…

Sep 21, 2022

Dating in your twenties

Another week, another interesting conversation!!! On this episode, we're talking about dating in your twenties. Jessica Fortunes is joined by two amaz…

Sep 14, 2022

Having a child in my Twenties

This episode is special, it features one of our first guests on the podcast, Taiba from two years ago. The first time on the podcast, Taiba spoke on f…

Sep 7, 2022

Life of a full-time influencer

Wondering what its like being an influencers in today's world? Then you should listen this episode of the podcast. We are joined by Lade, a full-time…

Aug 31, 2022

Self Love; do you love your body?

Today's episode of the podcast, Alice joins Jessica Fortunes to discuss self love, body shaming and a lot more. You don't want to miss it!  As yo…

Aug 24, 2022

How do you deal with grief?

This episode delves into the reality of dealing with grief. Our guest Diusor shares her experience loosing her Dad, dealing with grief and life after…

Aug 17, 2022

London to Naija; The reality of living abroad

In this episode, Jessica Fortunes chats with Tolu about relocating to Nigeria after living in the U.K. for most part her life. She shares dealing with…

Aug 12, 2022

Twenty Somethings Rant

A podcast for Twenties and those that love them ❤️ …

Aug 10, 2022

Baby Boy Lifestyle

On today's episode of the podcast, Jessica Fortunes is joined by Cavey who shares his baby boy lifestyle with us. Hopefully this inspires more men to…

Aug 3, 2022

Leaving Your Twenties And Turning Thirty

This episode features two of my best people, Bola and Nwanne. With both of them turning 30 this year, I had the honour of speaking to them about their…

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