This is a podcast for young adults, here they get to Rant, learn and bond as a team.

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Sep 13, 2023

Something to spark joy

Let’s chat about maintaining joy in chaos --- Send in a voice message:…

Sep 6, 2023

Career lessons I would give my younger self

A friend recently asked me about career tips to thrive in a corporate environment and this I shared with her. --- Send in a voice message: https:/…

Aug 30, 2023

90s kids, we are aunties and uncles now 🤭👀

Hiiiii... another week another episode with Jessica Fortunes ranting about life as a young adult in Lagos Nigeria. This week, she realised how old she…

Aug 23, 2023

Cost of living crisis: how to survive as a twentysomething #internshipchronicles

Hey heyyyyyy... in this episode I’m sharing all my tips to stay sane with the continuous rise in cost of living and inflation as a young person. I h…

Aug 16, 2023

My Danfo story #internshipchronicles

Hey guyyyyyssss!!! Since I’m unable to make it into the studio anytime soon because I’m neck deep in the internship phase of my Msc program, I fig…

Aug 9, 2023

Life lately #solo

The one where I tell you how my life has been lately, enjoy! #JessicaFortunes --- Send in a voice message:…

Aug 2, 2023

Married & Separated; Life as a single married woman

Hey Twenties! On this week's episode of the podcast, our guest Precious shared about the ups and downs of her marriage, being separated and living as…

Jul 26, 2023

Life after NYSC

On this episode, Boma shares life after NYSC --- Send in a voice message:…

Jul 19, 2023

The art of making friends

A wise person once said 'friendships double your joys and divide your sorrows' and on this episode of the podcast, Nene and Jessica Fortunes…

Jul 12, 2023

Reinvent yourself as many times as you want

Who said we have to be the same person, like the same things or be with the same people all our lives? I'm not sure but whoever said that was wro…

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