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Jun 11, 2021

Three things that will prevent you from being consistent

You have no chance at being consistent at fitness or business if you don’t prepare for the inevitable threats. Boredom, comparison and discouragemen…

Jun 5, 2021


“ I admire your consistency “ I blush anytime I’m told this but it really is a super power we all need to have. Thankfully we can all be consist…

May 29, 2021

The BIG BREAK with Shalom Lloyd

Shalom is the founder of Naturally Tribal Skin Care brand. The brand with roots in Nigeria recently started stocking in British Luxury department stor…

May 22, 2021

Firing Yourself

I fired myself and it changed my whole life. It made me more efficient and I was able to explore other interests. I recommend it highly to every busin…

May 15, 2021

Hiring and Firing yourself

Today I talk about hiring and firing yourself and why you and your business could be better or worse for it. Please listen and share.

May 13, 2021

Fat Transfer talks with Tomi Rotimi

We have a new name!!!!!! My Podcast has been rebranded . Inspired by the huge success of my new book we have renamed the Podcast Fat transfer talks wi…

Apr 7, 2021

I’m back!!!!

It’s been a challenging but exciting season and I wouldn’t habit any other way. Have w gotten my book? or amazon to get it…

Mar 9, 2021

We have a date!!!

Fat transfer from waistline to bottom line drops on March 27th 2021!!!!

Feb 18, 2021

How to identify a winning idea

As you consider the many ideas you have, let these points help you choose right.

Feb 16, 2021

Fat transfer Tuesday

Guess what?.....Really Guess lol.

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