We are Adeola and Salem, two Nigerian Diaspora women taking on some difficult topics in a fun and challenging discourse.

We believe there is incredible power in hearing and amplifying the voices of under-represented people. For too long stories of Africans have been told by Western voices and with this podcast you get to hear the raw and untold stories of two diaspora African women – whose identities have been shaped just as much by our African experiences as by our western experiences.

Recent Episode(s)

Oct 3, 2018

S3, Ep 1: Diversity - What Nigeria can teach the world about inclusion

Nigeria is a vast multicultural country with the largest population on the continent of Africa and more than 300 groups of people.Adeola schools us al…

Oct 1, 2018

Intro To Season 3

Intro To Season 3 by Thrive Table…

Jan 1, 2018

S2, EP 6: Best Of 2017 & Intentions for 2018

Join Adeola & Salem as we share things we are ditching and leaving behind in 2017. And some things area's of growth we are manifesting in 2018. P…

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