Podcast exploring identities of African Women through critical thought conversations on culture, sexuality, spirituality, ambition, and society. Welcome, my name is Wummy – Eyiwunmi actually, thanks for stopping by.
I am Nigerian, a seeker by nature and I have an unrelenting compulsion for sharing stories about African women.
I believe the world needs to hear more stories about the enigma that is the African Woman. We need to hear more about her womanism, her feminity, her feminism , her fragility, her strength and everything in between.
Those African Chicks Podcast is where you get to hear her share those truths in her own words.
I hope you stick around.

Recent Episode(s)

Oct 16, 2020

EP 75: Balance - Author , Dr. Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede

@iamyetunde is an Author,  Professor of Global Affairs and the owner a quite a few business ventures. In her latest book Balance, Yetunde tackles the…

Oct 8, 2020

EP 74: Developing a Style Through Life and Lived Experience - Visual Artist, Adulphina Imuede

@Adulphina is a young home grown artist whose paintings frequent the Nigerian and dare I say the West African art scene. Her signature lays emphasis "…

Sep 29, 2020

EP 73: Creating Accessible and Meaningful Contemporary Modern Art

@UzoArt is a contemporary artist whose work took off due to a Rick and Morty Twitter meme that went viral. Uzo who has been building body of work insp…

Sep 9, 2020

Ep 72: Awani Film, Aderonke Adeola - Interrogating Pre-Colonial African Female Identity

@Aderonke is a writer, filmmaker and director, her 2018 documentary Awani Film was screened at over 15 film festivals around the world and won the UNE…

Aug 10, 2020

EP 71: Bola Ogun - The Journey from Production Assistant to Directing TV Shows

@Onebolafun is a writer, filmmaker and director. You mostly likely consume or have come in contact with her work without realizing. Amongst her own cr…

Jul 16, 2020

EP 70: Jojo Silla, Writer & Producer - Short Film, Not Supposed To Be Here

@JojoSilla is an all-around creative who expressions range from painting, music and filmmaking. Jojo joins us to talk about her work with short film…

May 27, 2020

EP 69: How to Live a Life and Pursue a Career with Purpose Clarity - Yetunde Shorters

Yetunde Shorters  is a Purpose & Branding  coach who helps female entrepreneurs get clear on their purpose and monetize their passion.  I had t…

May 19, 2020

EP 68 - Minimalist Architecture & Designs -Tosin Oshinowo, Ile Ila & cmD+A Designs

Tosin Oshinowo is an architect better known for her design of the "Big Black Box" Shopping Mall in Maryland, Lagos Nigeria. She also recently gained a…

May 10, 2020

EP 67: Building a Financial Safety Net during the Pandemic

In light of the current state of the world , the stressor of finances and financial stability reigns supreme. Today's episode is with a Certified Fina…

Apr 28, 2020

EP 66: Adaeze Elechi, Author Harmattan - The Exploration of Self, Softness and Stillness

Adaeze is an author and filmmaker whose work focuses on the exploration of softness and vulnerability in people and spaces. On this episode, she share…

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