I use my experiences to talk about general issues we all face and can relate to in the world today, with plenty sprinkles of humour.

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Oct 11, 2021

Animal Therapy - TTP Stories

Imagine if animals could talk and could afford therapy. Do you know how messed up most of them would be because of us humans? LOLThis story gives a br…

Sep 19, 2021

Ricochet - Late night thoughts

Don't be a stranger, Reach out today@dtalkingphoenix (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook)dtalkingphoenix@gmail.comSFX CreditsRecord Scratch effect…

Sep 4, 2021

The Outlander - TTP Stories

In this comedic, stalemate episode, the god of fear and dreams, CHAVITA, is faced with a mortal who seems unfazed by his presence and powers.Listen to…

Aug 20, 2021

Bants of Love (with Suzanne)

Ever had someone tell you they loved you after one random, short and insignificant encounter? lol Things dey happen sha. :)On this episode, Suzanne an…

Aug 6, 2021

Roleplay - TTP Stories

Gina gets a little more than she bargained for in an attempt to role play with her Boyfriend.The episode tends to bring elements of storytelling and n…

Jul 26, 2021

The lazy Episode

Life comes at you from all angles sometimes. You just need to sit down on the floor and rethink things, or do whatever sane people do. lolBackground m…

Jul 13, 2021

Plant Therapy - TTP Stories

Imagine if something happened in the world and all of a sudden, all plants could talk and could now express all the feelings they've had about hu…

Jun 25, 2021

If I were a god... (with Princess)

If I were a godThis is an episode about the old and nearly forgotten african gods and goddesses and their powers and roles.In this episode, Princess a…

Jun 18, 2021

Double Shift - TTP Stories

DOUBLE SHIFTDepicts a ghostly encounter by Eze, a shopkeeper of a mini mart who was tricked into working the night shift because he is a "yes man…

Jun 7, 2021

Unlucky - Late night thoughts

One of those thoughts that hit you from nowhere and puts things a little more in perspective.UNLUCKYThey said they’d stay foreverThey said they’d…

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