I use my experiences to talk about general issues we all face and can relate to in the world today, with plenty sprinkles of humour.

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Sep 16, 2023

Cock & Bull

Listen to Jayjay, a little kid with an overly active imagination, tell a story of why he's returning home late from school. He lays it all bare,…

May 20, 2023

Journey - Late night thoughts

Life in itself is a journey, and within that journey, we embark on many other journeys (Sub-journey, if you will).It can get overwhelming sometimes. I…

Apr 4, 2023

JTC - The Drive

Welcome to the very first of the JTC (Join the Conversation) Episode Series. Listen to other listeners as they share their thoughts on the story and c…

Mar 19, 2023

The Drive - (Pt. 2)

Follow Chuks as he continues his tale and narrates his ordeal when he decides to embark on a road trip to Enugu to visit Precious.It only gets more in…

Feb 13, 2023

The Drive - (Pt. 1)

Love can be a drug, and Chuks has overdosed on it in this story.Follow the story of Chuks as he embarks on a road trip, miles away to find his lover P…

Jan 2, 2023

An Interview with Myself

Not your regular story episode, but still, a little dose of TTP's crazy.Enjoy.Happy New Year.Contact us@dtalkingphoenix (Twitter, Instagram, Face…

Nov 3, 2022

The Mosquito Story

Ever wondered what the deal was with mosquitoes? Why they just went around sucking human blood, for no reason?Listen to Quito tell his story, of how t…

Oct 14, 2022

Why do people cry? - Late night thoughts

Why do people cry?Why do people produce liquid that falls down their face from their eyes?Some say pain, An emotion of hurt so deep your voice alone…

Sep 18, 2022

Epilogue/BTS Episode - The Naeto Experience

This episode gives an insight on the story and cast and also shares some behind the scenes audio clips and bloopers from the Naeto Experience.Just a l…

Sep 18, 2022

The Naeto Experience (4)

In this battle for Job and Love, Naeto is living his best life, Job of his dreams and now he's going for the girl of his dreams also.What happens…

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