This is a podcast that addresses real life issues and proffer answers to questions raised by millennials, it shares inspiring stories and principles that will aid personal growth, productivity and enjoying everyday life.

Recent Episode(s)

Apr 22, 2022

S4;Ep3: Three (3) Shortcut to Success

Is there a shortcut to success? Before you disagree, Listen to this episode and discover for yourself. Success is relative to different persons but…

Jan 14, 2022

S4: Ep2; Relationship Currency; 3 Levels of Relationship You Must for Your Personal Growth

You Can't Get Everything with Money, Certain doors require another currency to open. That currency is Called RELATIONSHIP. Nothing is free even in fr…

Jan 7, 2022

S4;Ep1: 3 Simple Daily Productivity Hacks for 2022

Having a great year is a combination and a compilation of your everyday effort. if you desire to have a productive 2022, it is hugely dependent on ho…

Oct 22, 2020

S3;EP20: Guard Your Mental Health

Your mental health is crucial to your productivity and overall achievement, Learn how to guard your mental health in order to remain productive. ---…

Oct 15, 2020


I shared the darkest moment of my life when i experienced SARS in 2018, How I survived and lessons I learnt --- Send in a voice message: https://an…

Oct 8, 2020

S3;Ep18: Purpose Vs Calling

Have you ever wondered the difference between purpose and calling? Have you ever thought maybe "I am not called" or calling is just for ministers of t…

Oct 1, 2020

S3;Ep17: How Do I Find My Identity?

"I feel like I don't know myself, how do I find my Identity?". This is one of the frequently asked questions by alot of millennials. If you have ever…

Sep 24, 2020

S3;Ep16: Yes or NO! What to do when you dont know what to do

It is amazing how two words have the ability to change everything. In this episode, MacAnne shares what you should consider before saying YES or NO at…

Sep 17, 2020

S3;Ep15: 5 FACTS You Never Knew About Clarity

You really need to know these 5 facts at the tip of your fingers because it will help you as you navigate through life. Place you order for Flip the S…

Sep 10, 2020

S3;Ep14: Exposed! How to Become Focused and Consistent

One of the frequently asked question I have received from millennials overtime is this;  "How can I become more focused and consistent?" in this…

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