It’s a podcast centered mostly around viewing every topic with the youths in mind, that is, by youths, for youths and of youths. The podcast is segmented into R.I.C.E- Reviews. Interviews. Conversations. Expressions. Reviews focus on movies, music, books and the like. Interviews are held with youths striving to make an impact in the society. Conversations and Expressions are somewhat the same but different in context; while conversation focuses on having a conversation, expression is solely of the guest, mainly about what he or she thinks about the topic being discussed. Being a talk show, the youth is the epicenter and as such anything and everything can be discussed.

Recent Episode(s)

Sep 6, 2020

Understanding Pain ft Aderinsola

In this episode, we discussed the different forms in which pain exist and how to manage them. Music: Adekunle Gold- AG Baby ft Nailah Blackman, Burna…

Aug 21, 2020

Be Yourself ft PASH

PASH joined us on this episode to talk about everything self esteem and confidence- the meaning, misconception, importance and how to be well position…

Aug 1, 2020

Before Sunrise ft Mylo Hebron

First, we'd like to wish you happy celebration and new month. May it be one of the best. In this interview, Red Bottle interviewed Mylo Hebron (an up…

Jul 19, 2020

Self Discovery ft Elizabeth

In this episode, Elizabeth takes us through her journey of self discovery- from a nerd to some advocates for proper sex education and creates content…

Jun 28, 2020

Women, Entrepreneurship and Relationship ft Tao

Women, today, occupy the epicenter of entrepreneurship. They are found selling anything and everything. On this episode, Temitayo and Red Bottle inter…

Jun 12, 2020

Family and Love, Friends and Life ft Peachykeen

"Family is the beginning of life, …, and your family members are your first love." How do you see your family? Do you think that's where love reside…

Apr 26, 2020


This episode explore how a number of people have been coping with the lockdown and their lifestyle. They also touched mental health as this aside hung…

Apr 16, 2020

Relationship-Sex Talk ft Elizabeth&Prometheus

It started out with Elizabeth expressing herself when it comes to matter about sex and relationships when Prometheus waltzed in adding his succinct vi…

Mar 15, 2020

The Cost of Friendship ft Bree&Ore

To some, friendship has cost them time, to some, it's data and to a very few, nothing. On the explored friendship and what it cost us. Our guests talk…

Mar 7, 2020

The Ask Mame Brand ft Mame

In this episode, Mame of Ask Mame was interviewed where her brand and plans was discussed. Also we discussed mental health and the need to give attent…

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