The Stoop podcast digs into stories that are not always shared out in the open. Hosts Leila Day and Hana Baba start conversations about what it means to be black and how we talk about blackness. It’s a celebration of black joy with a mission to dig deeper into stories that we don’t hear enough about.

Recent Episode(s)

Sep 28, 2023

To Be Honest

Sometimes it’s easier to hold back than be completely honest, especially when talking about some of the themes that are brought up on The Stoop. Tod…

Sep 8, 2023

Hope in Nairobi

Hana spends a day in Nairobi with Kenyan Instagram comedian, Hope Hajir. Hope made it to the U.S. and was living her life when a tragic event gave her…

Aug 24, 2023

The Moth on The Stoop

This summer, The Moth and The Stoop are getting cozy and sharing stories. Today, we invite special guest, Suzanne Rust, the host of The Moth storytell…

Aug 10, 2023

Mother Tongue

What’s it like when everyone at home speaks a language you don’t understand? That’s the story of Claudia, a Ghanaian American who grew up not sp…

Jul 27, 2023

Cuba Libre: A Meditative Story

Leila travels back to Cuba —and to her 20s —in this special episode about Havana, dance, hair, proud negras, and finding your voice. This story is…

Jul 14, 2023

Don't Call Me Auntie

It’s a term of endearment but not everybody wants to be your “Auntie.” Today, Leila and Hana unravel some of the emotions and stereotypes tied t…

Jun 29, 2023

You Trippin'?

Interest in psychedelics is ramping up. People are even claiming that psychedelics can help heal racial trauma. But should we believe the hype? Can ps…

Jun 15, 2023

Pausing for Sudan

Today, The Stoop has a special episode. The war in Hana’s home country, Sudan, continues. Hana has been feeling the conflict here at home in the Sta…

Jun 2, 2023

A Diaspora Dilemma

Hana has a dilemma. As a diasporan, is she basically a diluted African? This question arises when Hana and Leila travel to conduct workshops at a conf…

May 18, 2023


How do you talk about death without talking about death? Discussions about succession planning, and what the future looks like when your loved one is…

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