The SAVED AND EVOLVING Podcast is a snippet into Marcelle’s life as a Christian lady who is saved but still battles with the lustful desires of her flesh. She shares her struggles, wins, slip ups, victories, loses and other personal experiences that many Christians do not like talk about.
This podcast aims to edify the listeners’ mind, body, soul and spirit and help transform them into the best version of themselves.

Recent Episode(s)

Aug 26, 2022

EP 05. The Reckless love of God

God looked at mankind thy didn’t give a damn about him and sent his only son as a sacrifice for our sin. Never in the history of humanity has anythi…

Jul 24, 2022

EP 04. Therapy vs Jesus

Are you team get a therapist when I’m dealing with issues or team talk to Jesus and let him fix it? Or are you team, why pick one when I can do both…

Jul 17, 2022

EP 03. Running from past flames, Vibes and Insha Allah

In this episode, Marcelle gives a brief life update about dealing with temptations from her past flames, speaking up for herself at work and life in g…

Jul 9, 2022

EP 02. This is That Hot Gist everyone needs to hear.

Who doesn’t like interesting gist? 😆Marcelle and Kelechi had a life changing experience and they tell it all on this episode. 😋 They want ever…

Jun 25, 2022

EP 01. Meet your Hosts.

In this episode we introduce you to your hosts; Marcelle & Kelechi. Many of you already know Marcelle but she’s evolved since you last heard fro…

Apr 3, 2021

14. Maintaining long term friendships ft. Mary & Fisayo

Just like romantic relationships, friendships require just as much intentionality and effective communication in order for it to stand the test of tim…

Mar 28, 2021

13. BDSM and other Sexual fantasies in godly marriages ft. Mary and Fisayo.

Is there a limit to the kinds of sexual adventures that are appropriate in a Christian marriage? In this episode filled with banter, laughter and Amal…

Nov 9, 2020

12. Heyyy! Let’s catch up.

After being away for about 5months, in this episode Marcelle updates her listeners about what’s been happening in her life, country and the world in…

Jun 20, 2020

11. Navigating Friendships with non-Christians.

Being friends with people who aren’t followers of Christ and don’t understand how much Jesus means to you can be very complicated. Sometimes you f…

May 19, 2020

10. To anyone who’s finding it difficult to Trust God’s Process.

If you’re currently going through a phase of uncertainty, hopelessness, stagnancy, a phase where everyone but you seems to be making progress, a pha…

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