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Dec 14, 2020

I always go for dates because I can't afford N22,500 Tomahawk SteakE

WELCOME BACK TO THE FUCKING PRESS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a new era here so we're talking:  relationships , sabotage,  #ENDSARS  and we even…

Jul 17, 2020

“You are thin and light skin, you can be the bedwench for the 1%”

I spent the week watching Succession and I made this episode partly admiring, getting confused by and downright hating rich people. I oddly enough get…

May 18, 2020

Episode 5

An update on day to day life in the Coronavirus lockdown in Lagos,Nigeria.

Mar 27, 2020

I want guys to message me so that I can ignore them and feel better about myself

The Press Club discusses the global pandemic, Not getting texted by toxic exes during the lockdown and gives tips (that you've heard a million times)…

Mar 9, 2020

1-800-Dial-A-Hoe, Alexis will pick up!

On this episode, Alexis and special guest talk about heartbreak, slightly segue into the "loss" of virginities and how best to get over a man! Give it…

Feb 8, 2020

Your Nigerian parent is wicked? Be wickeder!

The Press Club and our special guest wander into the heart of Lagos market where we end up recording a episode on Nigerian parents and their wickednes…

Jan 14, 2020

I did not ask you to chase that waterfall o

Want to find out about my erotic okada ride, what I spend most nights doing, chasing waterfalls and the Afghanistan music scene? Then you've come to t…

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