Culled from the popular Nigerian phrase “Life na Pot of Beans,” The Pot of Beans Podcast is a place where we talk about personal experiences, share ideas and opinions about the best ways to live easier and better lives.

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May 2, 2023

Soulmates in Faith: A Christian Love Story

Ever wondered what it is like for two faith-filled Christians to fall in love? Ayojesu and E'lisia share their unique story to finding each other in t…

Feb 2, 2023

Who Will Win? 2023 Election Forecast 🇳🇬

In this critical episode, Abayomi and I discuss the upcoming Nigerian🇳🇬 election. We dissect personal and public opinions on candidates, and pre…

Jan 13, 2023

A Conversation About Conversations

This episode featuring Prisca Omugbe is an in-depth yet funny exploration of the art of communication. The episode delves into the various best practi…

Dec 26, 2022

Ghana vs Nigeria

Enjoy this thrilling banter about the age long rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria! We discuss everything from jollof rice, politics, Ghana must go saga…

Oct 11, 2022

Gender Roles in Relationships ft Jamil

The Pot of Beans Podcast is now available as audio-visual content! Yaaaaay! Excited to be taking these baby steps to growth!  Cheers to the first…

May 18, 2022

13 Random Questions with Eugeniah

You know there's always vibe within this podcast and this episode is no different! This is a fun and exciting episode with Eugeniah, a woman in tech..

May 11, 2022

13 Random Questions with Sodiq

Back with another banger! This is your feel-good vibey episode with lots of laughter, excitement and life gems covered up in subtle or overt sarcasm.&…

Jan 5, 2022

Welcome to the New Year!

Happy new year! I am glad you made it into this year. I hope that this year started great for you. What are some of your plans and goals/resolutions f…

Dec 22, 2021

Crashing at the Airport

Happy Holidays!  How is the birth of Jesus being celebrated where you are? Is it looking like Mary is heavily pregnant yet? Lol anyway, I hope you ar…

Nov 16, 2021

Cheers to a New Dispensation!

This episode is about catching up! Enjoy and use the share button!  --- Send in a voice message:…

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