The Lois Ugbe podcast is a podcast based on God’s Love for humanity divinely inspired to reach out to millions across the globe. It also a platform where you can draw inspirations from all facets of life, from spiritual growth, Business, relationship, technology to other issues relating to everyday life.

Recent Episode(s)

Nov 12, 2021

072: When Prayers Seem Unanswered With Tolulope Omolewa

Have you ever prayed to God for something, and it felt like HE didn't grant your request? In this episode on The Lois Ugbe Podcast, Lois Ugbe had…

Nov 6, 2021

071 : Resting In God's Grace With Philip Ugbe

In this episode on The Lois Ugbe Podcast, Lois Ugbe had a conversation with Philip Ugbe as they talked about the Unmerited Grace of God and how we can…

Oct 29, 2021

070: Trusting God In Uncertainty With Ayo Esohe

Sometimes, it is hard to trust God when we can't understand His Ways. In this Episode, Lois Ugbe had a conversation with Ayo Esohe on trusting…

Oct 22, 2021

069: Secured In God's Love With SraavyaSarah

In this episode, I had a conversation with Sarah and we talked about God's Love and Grace, and how God's unconditional Love pulled her from…

Oct 15, 2021

068: Purpose In Pain with JennyJohn

In this episode, i had a conversation with Jenny John as she shared her journey of pain from losing her child to receiving her child sixteen months l…

Oct 9, 2021

067 : When prophecies seem delayed

Has God told you great things about your future? Does it feel like it is taking time to manifest? Are you beginning to feel hopeless? Hey Dear, i unde…

Sep 24, 2021

066: Just Rest!

God is asking you to do just ONE thing: REST. Worrying will not solve the problem. In this episode, you will be encouraged to rest in God's Love.

Sep 2, 2021

065: The Fatherhood Of God

Are you overwhelmed? Tired? Exhausted? Do you think God does not care about you? I know that feeling. In this episode, I shared some of my personal mo…

Aug 13, 2021

064: Is Fear Holding you back?

God saw your insufficiencies, flaws and still called you qualified and equipped for that specific calling, do you know why? it is because your calling…

Jul 23, 2021

063: You Have A Destiny

There is a calling on your life to do what has never been done before. God wants to partner with you to do the impossible. You have a destiny, You wer…

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