The Lois Ugbe podcast is a podcast based on God’s Love for humanity divinely inspired to reach out to millions across the globe. It also a platform where you can draw inspirations from all facets of life, from spiritual growth, Business, relationship, technology to other issues relating to everyday life.

Recent Episode(s)

May 26, 2023

090: Rest

Feeling weak and discouraged? Listen to this episode. God has a word for you.

Apr 1, 2023

089: Quickened By His Spirit

Welcome to a new month! In this episode, Lois Ugbe makes powerful declarations that reinforce all that God has said concerning you. Get Charged!Stay b…

Mar 24, 2023

088: Holding On To God's Word

Believe in God's Word over your life. I get it, sometimes it feels like God's word over you is not coming to pass. I know that feeling, and…

Mar 14, 2023

087: Divine And Supernatural Leadership

It is dangerous for a believer to live in this world without divine or supernatural leadership. God is more willing to lead you than you are willing t…

Jan 19, 2023

086: Staying Consistent In Your Walk With God

In this episode, Lois Ugbe shared some tips that will help you stay consistent in your walk with God. Listen and stay blessed.To join the Christian co…

Dec 9, 2022

085: Give God Thanks

Dear friend,As the year wraps up spend some time giving God thanks. God has been faithful. Celebrate all that He has done for you. This podcast episod…

Dec 1, 2022

O84: You are not empty

Dear God's Child,You are not empty, you are the temple of God and that means you carry God's Presence. In this episode, Lois Ugbe made power…

Oct 21, 2022

083: Is God Absent? FT Martha Adekanmbi

In this episode, I had my dear friend in the ministry, have a conversation with me about trusting God in uncertainty, and trusting His Timing and proc…

Sep 30, 2022

082 : Trust His Promises, Trust His Process

Trusting God's plan and promises for our lives means we trust the process as well. Sometimes, it is hard to trust His promises for our lives, esp…

Sep 23, 2022

081: A Life Of Prayer

What if I told you that you can always be consistent in prayers? That, it doesn't have to be a one-off thing? In this episode, I share how to be…

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