The ‘Life as it is podcast’ focuses on matters bothering on contemporary life issues in the Nigerian space through the lens of two dynamic young women- Taiwo and Tokunboh

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Apr 21, 2021

Season 2 Episode 3: What does “Falling in Love” have to do with it?

This week on The Life As it Is Podcast, Taiwo and Tokunboh dissect the concept of falling in love from the minds eye of some brilliant individuals. I…

Apr 10, 2021

TLAIIP S2 Ep2- If we don’t give you, how will you take it

Hello! It’s us again oh If we don’t give it to you, how will you take it? We know you’ve missed us and we’ve missed you too. So we’re servi…

Feb 15, 2021

S2 Ep.1: The Valentine Special episode

“The Life As It Is” podcast is back in 2021 and what better way to celebrate a new season than by spreading some love ❤️😉. Yes! the Valenti…

Dec 24, 2020

S1 Ep. 25- The Christmas Episode

To put you in the mood this Christmas season, your hosts Taiwo and Tokunboh act a fool and talk about pretty much every thing to get the Christmas jui…

Dec 14, 2020

S1 Ep. 24- The “How Nigerian men will disgrace you” Episode

Hey lovelies! We went on a much needed break to clear our heads and we’re back and better in this episode which might just be our last episode for…
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Nov 1, 2020

The role of Nigeria’s creative community in preserving the legacy of the ENDSARS movement.

With respect to how hard the government is trying to erase the events unfolding from the #EndSARS protests from our memories, we must begin to despera…

Oct 25, 2020

Ep. 22- The aftermath of the ENDSARS protests and the way forward for Nigeria

We are in very trying times as a nation and we are trying our very best to comprehend the events that have occurred in the past weeks with the #EndSAR…
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Oct 14, 2020

EP 21: SARS and the “Anyhowness” of Nigeria

On this week episode, with another surprise guest host, we dissect the issues surround police brutality in Nigeria, the #ENDSars protests and the poli…
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Oct 3, 2020

The 20th Episode!

This week, we give you our amazing listeners the chance to host the show! We’re keeping the host as a surprise 😉 but Chile!, there’s sure a lot…
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Sep 25, 2020

Ep 19: Culture shock! -Dissecting the rude awakening Nigerians experience “in the abroad”.

How Una Dey? On This week’s episode Your philosophical princesses feature a phenomenal Young man- Franklyn Guobadia, a German “JJC” as we call…

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