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May 8, 2021

EP64| Misogyny and Toxic Masculinity in Nigeria with Dante Frank

Dante Frank, host of The Uncomfortable Truths Podcast, and I discuss misogyny in Nigeria and the factors that contribute to it. A major part of it bei…

May 6, 2021

EP63| What A Time To Be A Woman with Ammie & Ifunenya

A series of events has happened in Nigeria in the past few weeks that have been triggering for women in Nigeria. From rape to molestation and now the…

Apr 30, 2021

EP62| Girl Talk with Tomi- Things You Shouldn't Say To A Single Parent

Most of the words said to a Single parent are out of bias, projection, or/and genuine concern for them but they ultimately end up hurting the feelings…
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Apr 23, 2021

Ep61| A Philosophy On Gender with Azubuike Anoliefo

Azubuike Anoliefo, a mystical philosopher sits with me on this episode to dissect the topic of gender. We discuss gender with the lens of mystical phi…

Apr 16, 2021

EP60| Unscripted Talk with Nasa on Being in an Inter-tribal Marriage.

Being in an inter-tribal marriage is a herculean venture that comes with many challenges and problems. Those who dare, are able to maneuver through th…
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Apr 4, 2021

Ep59| March In Review & April Life and Pod Updates.

In April we recap on the wins of last month and share the plans for the new month.

Mar 30, 2021

EP58| The 4 Women Series: Toxic Femininity; Of Labels, Pressures and Obligations!

We eventually get to the last part of this series of the 4 women series, a series 4 part series in commemoration of the Women's month of March. Whooo!

Mar 26, 2021

EP57| Productivity And WorkFlow With Muna.

Muna the host of Lifestyle Plug with Muna Podcast discusses her workflow and productive lifestyle with me. We share personal experiences with our rout…

Mar 24, 2021

Ep56| The 4 Women Series: Being An Intentional Woman For Your Future Self with Cocochi

Do you ever look back in your teens and 20's and wonder the things you would have done better or differently if you had the right guidance? Did your 3…

Mar 20, 2021

EP55|The Mindset Of Sex With Nick Atte

Is there a universal standard for sex that everyone should comply with? Is sex all about penetration? What are the pros and cons of the types of sex?&…

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