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Aug 18, 2022

EP99| The Sister Sister Episode

Hi, lovelies! It's been a minute! today's episode is a chat I had with my sister going down memory lane as we share our stories, discussing our relati…

Jun 30, 2022

EP98|The Act Of Self-Introspection (Bonus episode)

In this episode, I sit to have a little chat with you on the importance of introspection. In other to build a strong sense of self and navigate a worl…

Jun 24, 2022

EP97| How To Maintain Your Individuality In Marriage- commentaries from experienced married women

As a single person, have you feared losing yourself in marriage? Have those thoughts made you have cold feet in deciding whether you want to get marri…

May 28, 2022

EP96|The What Do You Bring To The Table Episode with Lonpe

Hey girlfriend! Today is another exciting time on TGU and I chat with  Lonpe, the Talk time with Lonpe podcast host. We talk about what women bring t…

May 14, 2022

EP95| The Dynamics Of Adult Friendships with Lola

If you are an adult you will agree with me that making friends in Adulthood is difficult! In this episode with Misie we talk about friendship in adult…

Apr 29, 2022

EP94| Single And Not Searching

Hi Fam! This been a while in this space. Here is an episode that breaks the silence between us. I talk about the introspection that is required before…

Mar 22, 2022

EP93| A New Dispensation

In this solo episode, I share some new life updates and where I am mentally on certain beliefs and perceptions. I talk about Slow living, my observati…

Mar 12, 2022

EP92| Unconventional Motherhood; the facts and truths with Biyai

Unconventional mothers are mothers who don't fit into any mold of what society expects motherhood to be because the role of motherhood is a unique one…

Feb 25, 2022

EP91| Women Friendships: The bestie episode with Liyah

Hi guys, on today's episode I have my besties on the couch as we discuss our 18years old friendship; the sweet, sour, and the in-between. Enjoy!

Feb 18, 2022

EP90| Girl Talk with Sarah: The Sexual Lives Of Liberated WomenE

In this episode with Sarah, we talk about sexual liberation! What it looks like for women who are liberated, our personal journeys to this liberation,…

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