It has become a global village with inept individuals in many areas of life, living everyday lives with frequent disappointments, misunderstandings, depression and what nots, all stemming from the ignorance, lack of wisdom and lack of inspiration towards better lives.

This Podcast uses good fixes of Life talks, Love talks, and Fon talks covering principles, hacks, realities, and philosophies to hopefully educate and Inspire towards better and happier living with inner peace.

Recent Episode(s)

May 23, 2022

EP54 You’re Not Alone in Your Pain. You Can Overcome Just Like Others Have S3E4 (YouTube Episode 4)

Remind yourself that others are going through pain as well, this is not to invalidate yours, but to give you strength in the knowledge that you can ov…

Mar 8, 2022

EP53: Ways to Show Love and Appreciation S3E3 (YouTube Episode 3)

How do you show love and appreciation to the people who you care about and who have been there for you? Is that something you struggle with? Maybe you…

Mar 1, 2022

EP52: My Biggest Mistake and Lessons From it. S3E2 (YouTube Episode 2)

What’s your biggest mistake, and what did you learn from it. Listen to mine here and take what you can. This video is available on YouTube at the li…

Sep 28, 2021

EP51: Self-Help Tips to Happier Relationships S3EP1 (YouTube Episode 1)

Are you asking yourself or wondering What can I do to have better, more substantial, fulfilling, and happier relationships? Listen to this --- This…

Mar 3, 2021

EP50: Are Change And Growth the Same Things? S2E22

When we say a person changes us, or a person helped us grow, aren’t they really the same thing from different perspectives? --- This episode is s…

Feb 24, 2021

EP 49: Maturity Comes With Responsibility and Not Age SE21

Maturity is not about age. It comes with responsibility, taking responsibility for your life and self and others. --- This episode is sponsored by…

Feb 17, 2021

EP48: How Does Positive Thinking Really Work? S2E20

Positive thinking is key. But how does it really work? How does it get us to the point if manifestations? It’s not magic after all, so how does it w…

Feb 11, 2021

EP47: Loving the Gay Man/Woman. S2E19

Why is there so much homophobia, so much crime and hate on gay men and women. Can we learn to love them regardless of mot being comfortable with or ac…

Feb 3, 2021

EP46: Progress Reports Will Save Your Sanity S2E18

Learn to conduct intentional progress reports of yourself and all that concerns you --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way t…

Jan 27, 2021

EP45; Constructive Comparison S2E17

Does comparison always have to be seen in a negative way? Can comparison be beneficial? Isn’t that what “Healthy Comparison” is all about? ---…

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