It has become a global village with inept individuals in many areas of life, living everyday lives with frequent disappointments, misunderstandings, depression and what nots, all stemming from the ignorance, lack of wisdom and lack of inspiration towards better lives.

This Podcast uses good fixes of Life talks, Love talks, and Fon talks covering principles, hacks, realities, and philosophies to hopefully educate and Inspire towards better and happier living with inner peace.

Recent Episode(s)

Aug 30, 2022

EP79: 2 Things to Know About the Concept of “Value” S3E29 (YouTube Episode 29)

There’s a few misconceptions about what value is and how it works, believing and operating based on these misconceptions can leave us in an everlast…

Aug 28, 2022

EP78: 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel S328 (YouTube Episode 28)

Traveling is an experience that should become a requirement for life. Everyone should travel, and here’s why in 5 reasons…

Aug 25, 2022

EP77: CREDIBILITY CHECK: How To Be A Credible Person S3E27 (Youtube Episode 27)

What is your word worth? Are you a Credible person, do people take you seriously or like a joke, do you deliver when you say you’ll deliver, are you…

Aug 22, 2022

EP76: 7 Sources of Motivation S3E26 (YouTube Episode 26)

Are you looking for more sources of motivation? Here’s a few…

Aug 20, 2022

EP75 Are Women and Kids (or anyone at all) Truly Loved Unconditionally? S3E25 (YouTube Episode 25)

They say “only women and kids are loved unconditionally, men are only loved on conditions of provision” Is this true? Can anyone asides God truly…

Aug 15, 2022

EP74: Benefits of Early Sex Education. Secure and Empower Your Kids. S3E24 (YouTube Episode 24)

Is it right to teach your children about sex early and how early?

Aug 12, 2022

EP73: Blame Yourself First. Take Back Your Power/Control S3E23 (YouTube Episode 23)

Blame yourself first? Sounds wrong right? Let’s explore the concept a little bit and see how it works on the psyche, our lives, selves, and the powe…

Aug 9, 2022

EP72 Clubhouse Review: What Is Social Media to You? Positive or Negative? S3E22 (Youtube Episode 22)

Social media is a two-edged sword. It can be to your benefit or your destruction. What is it to you and how do you make it a benefit to you? It all de…

Aug 6, 2022

EP71: Everyone Makes Mistakes. Don’t be Too hard. Forgive Yourself S3E21 (YouTube Episode 21)

Learn to be easy and forgiving on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn how to let go of your inadequacies and not be so hard on yourself.

Aug 2, 2022

EP70: Find Your Release; A Heavy Heart Unattended to can Kill S3E20 (YouTube Episode 20)

Everyone needs a source or means of releasing the pent up tension from feeling, pain, hurt etc in their hearts, it’s important to do this, pent up,…

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