The Fikemi Aderoju Podcast is a safe space to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences about different life encounters.
It is also a platform that emphasizes the importance of self love & self discovery.

Recent Episode(s)

Mar 16, 2023

S2 EP21: The fraudulent cake vendor-a story time

Hey fap fam, in this episode Fikemi shares how a cake vendor played her and the lessons she’s learnt from the experience. Email: fikemicreates@gmail…

Mar 9, 2023

S2 EP20: Happy New Year, AGAIN!

I’m back! I explain why I took a break and the plans for the podcast moving forwards with a bit of an update on my life. Enjoy! --- Send in a vo…

Jan 26, 2023

S2 EP19: A reflection of fire.

In this episode FIKEMI shares one an experience she had that made her question her way of life. --- Send in a voice message:…

Jan 19, 2023

S2 EP18: The sweetest fruits in life.

In this episode, FIKEMI shares her experience living life with the fruits of the spirit. Let’s connect. IG-thefikemiaderojupodcast | Email: fikemicr…

Jan 13, 2023

Special Episode: Love, Motherhood & Self discovery ft My mum

This episode is dedicated to my mum. --- Send in a voice message:…

Jan 5, 2023

S2 EP17: Dear 2022, thank you!

A recap on lessons learnt in 2022. --- Send in a voice message:…

Dec 22, 2022

S2 EP16: The “soft landing” episode

Hey beautiful people! In this episode Fikemi shares an introduction to her NYSC experience. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:…

Nov 24, 2022

S2 EP15: My life recently

Hey fap fam, in this new episode FIKEMI shares how life is going right now and some interesting experiences she had recently. Let’s connect- IG: the…

Nov 17, 2022


Hey beautiful people! In this episode Fikemi shares her thoughts on people’s experiences and her views on sex as a Christian. Email- fikemiaderoju@g…

Nov 3, 2022

S2 EP13: Dating Tag!

Hey fap fam! In today’s episode Fikemi answers some dating questions she got from Precious Nsa’s dating after uni tag. Enjoy! Connect with us : fi…

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