The Fikemi Aderoju Podcast is a safe space to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences about different life encounters.
It is also a platform that emphasizes the importance of self love & self discovery.

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May 9, 2021

ANONYMOUS Q&A: First love, smoking, fears, money moves , single...why?

Hey guys, on today’s episode I answered anonymous questions from you guys. I played myself basically lol. I hope you enjoy listening 🤍 --- Sen…

Apr 24, 2021

Body shaming, Puberty in Nigeria, The“ideal” body + body confidence tips ft Temi Omojola

In today’s episode, Temi & I spoke about our experience with going through puberty in a Nigerian home, dealing with Body shaming comments &…

Apr 18, 2021

Dear Anxiety, I don’t want again 😂😭(How to deal with Anxiety)

Hey FAP squad, on this episode I share my thoughts on dealing with anxiety with some key facts from the Bible. Matthew 6:25-34 was used as a major ref…

Apr 11, 2021

RWF EP 6: I wanted to be a singer but God had other plans

IG: @thefikemiaderojupodcast --- Send in a voice message:…

Mar 16, 2021


Hey beautiful people. It’s Fikemi back again with another episode! On this episode, I spoke about friendships and how I feel they should be balanced…

Feb 17, 2021

LIFE UPDATE: Relationships, Getting featured on an EP, Exams etc

It’s a February life update guys! I hope you enjoyed it! Here’s a link to the EP: Genesis available on all platfo…

Jan 28, 2021

RWF EP 5: “He said I’m razz cause I didn’t want to get AirPods”

Hey friends, on this episode of RWF, an encounter is used as a case study of different things happening in life. Enjoy ✨ --- Send in a voice mess…

Jan 22, 2021

63. My dog died, and I learnt this!

IG:@thefikemiaderojupodcast --- Send in a voice message:…

Jan 19, 2021

62. Dealing With Emotions

@thefikemiaderojupodcast --- Send in a voice message:…

Dec 31, 2020

2020 WAS A YEAR ft Fikayo Aderoju

A conversation with Fikayo Aderoju about 2020, lessons learnt and other tea! --- Send in a voice message:…

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