Hi! My name Sarah Oseki, from Edo State, Nigeria! This podcast was created for women to share their story and inspire other women to grow, i believe there’s power in a woman sharing her story with another woman and leaving a legacy for the younger generation. You can be a guest to share your story or choose to be anonymous. Join me every Sunday for new episodes of stories told by women just like you.

Recent Episode(s)

Feb 26, 2021

Everyday Encouragement

Wake up and wake the joy --- Send in a voice message:…

Feb 25, 2021

Everyday encouragement

Don't be anxious --- Send in a voice message:…

Feb 24, 2021

Everyday Encouragement

Glorify God, encouraged to encourage others. --- Send in a voice message:…

Feb 23, 2021

S3-E6 - Hijab, fashion, model and the beauty and lifestyle of Somali women with Hani Abdi Gass from Somalia

On this episode with Hani from Somalia we talked about modelling with hijab, being a hijabi model, the struggles and banter on the beauty and lifestyl…

Feb 22, 2021

Let God (Everyday Encouragement Series)

Your thought just won't leave my mind and I started to think of how I can talk to you everyday aside my stories of women episode every Tuesday and thi…

Feb 16, 2021

S3-E5 - Twice My Pain - The miscarriage story people don't talk about with Andikan Chimamanda (Nigeria)

Talking about miscarriage in Nigeria is almost like a taboo, the society has made women believe it's their fault, so nobody wants to talk about it. On…

Feb 9, 2021

S3,E4 Doreen Moracha (Kenya) Shares her 28years experience of living with HIV

Doreen Moracha was 13 years old when she officially found out that she was born HIV positive. Since that time till now she's had to learn how to live…

Feb 2, 2021

S3.E3 The Role of the Parents in Gender Equality With Amaka Ezekwere (Nigeria)

Amaka Ezekwere is a parenting expert, teaching parents through storytelling and building a community of thankful parents. On this episode she shares h…

Jan 19, 2021

S3-E2 Salome Nthenya Nzuki (Kenya) - Feminist and advocate for gender equity and equality. (Across Africa)

Salome Nthenya Nzuki is a feminist with a thirst for a just and equitable world. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Gender Development studies and…

Jan 12, 2021

S3-E1: Faith Abandy - Contemporary Visual Artist from Nigeria (Across Africa)

Our guest for the first episode of season 3 is Faith Abandy, a contemporary visual artist from Nigeria who specializes in painting and creating art fr…

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