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Apr 25, 2021

The Reality of God's Love | Ft. Jonathan Leonardo

In this conversation, Jonathan Leonardo shares his story and the freedom we find in Jesus. Check out Love Reality on Instagram: @love____reality Check…

Apr 18, 2021

Seeing God in the Lows | Ft. Emily Cortez

In this conversation, Emily Cortez, pastor in California, shares her story and reminds us how God shows up at our lowest moments. Check out her IG: em…

Mar 25, 2021

Jesus For Everyone | Ft. Herb Montgomery

In this conversation, Herb Montgomery, director of Renewed Heart Ministries, shares his story and his realization of how Jesus is for everyone. Find t…

Mar 7, 2021

The Art of Listening | Ft. Kaleb Eisele

In this conversation, Kaleb Eisele, the creator of Humans of Adventism, shares his story and the importance of listening to someone's story. Check out…

Feb 28, 2021

The Gospel Looks Different For Everyone | Ft. Steven Sigamani

In this conversation, Steven Sigmani, a pastor in Florida, shares his story and his journey from responding to Jesus out of a performance to respondin…

Feb 14, 2021

That Good, Good Jesus | Ft. Garrison Hayes

In this conversation, Garrison Hayes shares his story, the blessing of knowing Jesus truly, and how we can be anti-racist in our communities. Check ou…

Feb 1, 2021

God's Grace Is Enought | Ft. Connor Yonkers

In this conversation, Connor Yonkers, a pastor in Florida, shares his story and the importance of accepting God's grace that is sufficient. Check out…

Jan 19, 2021

God's Voice Over Everything | Ft. Rhidge Garcia

In this conversation, Rhidge Garcia, pastor in Florida, shares with us his story and the importance of prioritizing God's direction. Check out his IG:…

Dec 20, 2020

Genuine Freedom | Ft. Kelly Lin

In this conversation, Kelly Lin shares her story and how we can find the most authentic freedom in God. Follow her on her socials: @kellkellylinn / @g…

Dec 16, 2020

Finding Security in God | Ft. Ashok Willmott

In this conversation, Ashok Willmott shares his story and gives us the practical steps of how to find security in God. If you would like to support th…

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