The podcast talks about relatable content on dealing with adulting and share tips to cope with adulting

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Apr 25, 2021

EP 16- Dealing with a toxic workplace

It exist and still breathing. If you happen to be in one, I hope this episode helps. Please share with a friend that you know has been having it diffi…

Apr 16, 2021

EP 15: Your Prince isn't coming

Transition from the been a kid and having people make decisions for you, to Adulthood when you really have to now make decisions on your own at some p…

Feb 11, 2021

EP 14- January 2021 Recap

Hi there!. How's 2021 going so far?. Well, to be more accountable in been consistent on the podcast and also kind of track events more.  I decide…

Jan 5, 2021

EP 13- Happy new Year!!!

Grab a glass and have some wine.  Yes, its the 1st episode of 2021.  Whoop!, don't dull your excitement if you feel so just because some people feel…

Nov 15, 2020

EP 12; So fresh and so Clean!

Hey there. In case you haven't guessed it yet. This episode is about Hygiene!!!!.  Yes, its quite shameful some people add hygiene to the many proble…

Oct 9, 2020

EP 11: Hello Google

Hey there! Welcome to another episode and this epsiode talks about your online presence on the internet. We can get carried away in the tech world and…

Sep 19, 2020

EP 10 - Darkest Hour

Hi! Yes, i know the topic is not one people like to talk about but the truth is that we all have those moments and what would an adulting podcast be w…

Jul 24, 2020

EP 09; Random chat-- Expresss yourself

I know! been a while but I'm here now.😁 In this episode, i talk about expressing yourself *insert: Express yourself by Charles Wright*. PS: I need…

Jul 5, 2020

EP 08; Building Memories!!!--(Short series)

Hi there! We never ready think of life till we lose someone and that leads to us looking back on the times we have had with them. The only way to do t…

Jun 17, 2020

EP 07- Top 5 Employees benefits- Nigerian based

Hi there! Despite all the uncertainty, people are still getting hired and some new jobs opening have been created with the new norms. I decided to mak…

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