TeniTalks is a podcast on society and culture. The host is a Nigerian female that loves to discuss issues going on in the society. She also talks about things beneficial to youths and adds a pinch of motivation in there.

Recent Episode(s)

Jan 29, 2021

Season 3 Finale ft. Kussman

This is the official season 3 finale. I spoke with popular Twitter influencer, Kussman. Listen and enjoy 🥂. --- Send in a voice message: https:…

Jan 8, 2021

S3.Ep.9 - Forgive and Forget ft. Bananaz

This episode is extremely important to talk about, and get out of the way, so we can move in peace and sound mind all through the year. I'd honestly l…

Jan 1, 2021

S3.Ep.8 - The New Year Episode

Happy New Year to all my wonderful listeners 🥳🥳🥳. I'm so glad we made it to 2021. This year, please share my podcast to as many people as you…

Dec 25, 2020

S3.Ep.7 - Christmas Special with Nkiru

Merry Christmas everyone 🎉. This episode was made with much love and cheer. Enjoy ❤. Don't forget to share,rate and review this podcast. Have a w…

Dec 18, 2020

S3.Ep.6- Oppression and Wickedness

Let's talk about the oppression and wickedness the average Nigerian displays on a regular. Listen to this episode and let me know your thoughts on the…

Dec 11, 2020

Bonus Episode with Dj Latitude

This episode is a breather from our regular episodes. From the title, it's a Bonus. I spoke to Dj Latitude about his background, life as a Dj, his mus…

Dec 4, 2020

S3.Ep.5- The "Mental Health" Episode ft. Nicole

On this episode, I spoke with Nicole, a graduate of Counselling Psychology and Economics, on mental health and young people's wellbeing. We talked abo…

Nov 27, 2020

S3.Ep.4- The "I Just Got Back (IJGB)" Episode ft. Habibah

As December is approaching, we have lots of Nigerians in diaspora that come back home for several reasons. There's a popular phrase used to refer to t…

Nov 20, 2020

S3.Ep.3- The "WHY BULLY" Episode ft. Mo

On this episode, I teamed up with Mo, and we discussed the issue of bullying from our perspectives. Personal experiences were shared, and we talked ab…

Nov 13, 2020

S3.Ep.2- "God Punish Poverty" Episode

This episode is based on a popular phrase "God Punish Poverty" which I heard often while growing up. The episode talks about how limiting lack of mone…

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