Tolulope Oludapo belives there is so much we can learn from around us if we pay a little more attention. the podcast contians thoughts he has and things he learns while in transit.

Recent Episode(s)

Jul 29, 2021

How I Got Over A Depressive State | #11

I hit one of my lowest sometimes in 2015/16, jobless, broke...I felt like a failure and my parents constant nagging just made it all worse. But I lear…

Jul 27, 2021

Will you Still Love Her If... | #10

“Will you still love her if she does not change?” was the question my friend gave me so many years ago after pouring my heart out to her over my a…

Jul 23, 2021

Time is a Great Storyteller | #09

Growing up, I never knew you could have more than a pair of shoes. How will it be if you conclude and judge a book before getting to the last page of…

Jul 22, 2021

Oxygen is not Cheap | #08

Oxygen is not Cheap, a hard realization I came by, thanks to adulting. I believe everyone should seek a healthy balance between wanting to make an imp…

Jul 19, 2021

When You Don't Have Your Life/Future Figured Out | #07

My parents dissatisfied with my life's choices took me to a Pastor who asked me to write out the blueprint of my life. Guess what, I was completely cl…

Jul 15, 2021

Not Every Big Thing Starts with a Bang | #06

This one is very dear to my heart because it is exactly @lifegivadotcom's story. And this is to everyone doubting what's in your hand because it didn'…

Jul 14, 2021

Should You Date Your Mate? | #05

My brother’s advice was “your mates are for your seniors, while your juniors are for you”. As much as this is not necessarily true in the litera…

Jul 12, 2021

Your Past Affects You More Than You Think | #04

This was the story of how I got Aichmophobia, especially knives. It's funny that this event happened more than 20 years ago, but I am still traumatize…

Jul 10, 2021

A Lesson on Influence and Impact | #03

The best product or idea is not always the most popular/successful. That is why big brands keep pouring millions into their marketing. Today’s episo…

Jul 9, 2021

What Having My first Crush Taught Me | #02

My first major crush was in Js2, and the steps I took after laid the foundation and model for my idea of how we should seek relationships. Looking bac…

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