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Jan 21, 2023

New Year, New Me 2023

Welcome to the 'New Year, New Me' episode of our podcast! As we kick off the new year, many of us make resolutions to improve ourselves and our lives.

Dec 17, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 16 (Saturday Motivation)

Na person wey stop na hin lose!!! Keep pushing!! Saturday Evening Motivation…

Dec 16, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 15 (Owambe)

Today let’s talk about owambe…

Dec 15, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 14 (Twitter trends)

Today let’s laugh over funny twitter trends…

Dec 14, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 13 (Harmattan)

Today let’s talk about the harmattan!! I can’t believe the weather is actually here to stay.. i mean till march!!! Pwehhh! Do you like the harmatt…

Dec 13, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 12 (do music define us?)

Hi there, kindly listen to todays episode and drop a review after listening!!

Dec 12, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 11 (Someone I admire)

Today i will be sharing with you my listeners someone i admire and that is Tomike Adeoye. Tell me who do you admire?

Dec 11, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 10 (Gadget overhaul)

A snippet into the new year new me episode that will be released on the 31st of December! What’s new about you next year?

Dec 10, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 9 (Resting)

When you hear the word resting what automatically comes to mind? For me when I hear resting, my body refuses every plan to rest and starts craving tas…

Dec 8, 2022

25 Days Podmas: Day 8 (convocation diaries)

An entire breathe of fresh air, today I officially graduated from the university after 7 years without a carryover or an extra year!!!! The LL.B is in…

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