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Sep 1, 2021

Olalonpe is Back

In today's episode I took out time to explain the reason for the break i took, the moving forward. I also talked about the COVID-19 Vaccine, I talked…

May 5, 2021

Life Update 2.0

Life Update guys In this episode i shared a few things going on in my life right now And guys I’m going on a short not so short break! Catch you nex…

Apr 7, 2021

The Heartbreak Unscripted Series: My Consensual Breakup

My Consensual Heartbreak Story! Most heartbreak stories you read or hear about is definitely not consensual but in this episode, Daniel took us on a j…

Mar 31, 2021

The cheating culture

I’m sure when you read the news on social media 3 put of 10 is centered on a fav cheating! Cheating has indirectly become a culture! Join me as i…

Mar 24, 2021

The Heartbreak Unscripted Series: The 7 Heartbreak stories

7 heartbreak stories! A lot of pain and a lot of lessons to learn! Perfection came after hurting! She found her perfect person just seven months after…

Mar 18, 2021

Heartbreak Unscripted Series: 3 years and a couple of days

My Relationship Ended because of the things I didn’t do; not because of the things I did. My partner can boldly say that she didn’t regret meeting…

Mar 10, 2021

The Heartbreak Unscripted Series: Episode 1

Heartbreak can be referred to as intense emotional stress or pain that one feels at experiencing great and deep longing. Heartbreaks are normal and…

Mar 9, 2021

Season Finale: Question Tag

You asked and I answered honestly! This is the season finale of Season 1 and I’m super glad! I decided to answer a few of your questions. Yahhh! I h…

Feb 28, 2021

Gratitude + Life Update

Gratitude + my life Update This episode I showed gratitude to all my listeners and explained the stage i am currently in my life and podcasting To…

Feb 24, 2021

What is your Reality?

From constantly surfing the Internet I have realized that a whole lot of people live on other people’s reality and don’t even know how to create t…

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