Tales we Never Tell is a bi-monthly podcast that shares stories of an adventurous baby girl… Basically it’s that inner voice inside our head thats most times completely different from our reality…. I’ll be sharing some tips as well that have worked for me in certain life situation, so come along as we laugh, cry, vent and be better everyday.

Recent Episode(s)

Oct 1, 2022


A tale on past memories you don't want to let go that drag the people who have left back to your life..

Jun 11, 2022


There's never a straight road to who we perceive we are because several factors are involved even without our consent.

Jun 4, 2022

No words

Sometimes the still voice inside us is left speechless when we refuse to listen to all that it says.

May 21, 2022


One of a thousand things or places we'd sworn never to put ourselves in always creep in even when we're heavily reinforced…

Jun 19, 2021

Check Box

Random checks on the label 'Normal'.. Who gets to define what's normal and what's not...

Mar 22, 2021

The Unnecessary Cycle

Who comes up with this unnecessary and unwanted ways to torture the female clan... Like who is responsible, I just have a few words to say... No vayol…

Mar 8, 2021

This You

You really should catch your breath.. Don't be too overwhelmed.. You'd figure it out eventually.. One step at a time.. The answer is always within you…

Jan 3, 2021


The past year revealed locatuobs hidden from our natural eyes... We saw without a shadow of doubt the potentials that laid dormant within us.. The tim…

Dec 15, 2020

Trust Thee?

In the midst of it all, even when we can't see it at first, our brain has our backs more often than not.. But the twist.. It could okay a huge role ag…

Oct 19, 2020

Just Us

The unspoken sense of unhealthy competition that swells up at the sight of another women even before she becomes a potential threat is worth studying…

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