A man flooded with lights and garnished with life is regarded an asset!

Discouraged? Listen in. Rejected? Let’s talk. Wanna screw up? Not now. Confused? Slide in.

Why? There’s a message of hope for you. There’s a word to light up your path and here is a heart that cares so much about yours.

Susanna Beth’a

Recent Episode(s)

Aug 21, 2022

How well do you trust God?

How easy do you find trusting God? You and I might be wondering why on earth should we trust Him after this and that? God is to be trusted still. ---…

Aug 7, 2022

Living Alone: Staying in Touch

In this bustling and hustling schedule of life, man gats enjoy and live productively. There's definitely time for everything, and there's a season for…

Jul 24, 2022

Divine or Defined? It's YOUR responsibility!

Even if you stay alone, you don't get by life alone. Humans are created to be relationship conscious.... What makes for amazing interactions? Listen t…

Jul 17, 2022

Money Matters

It's my pleasure to have Oluwapelumi on this episode. Do you know money is a leverage? Listen in and be blessed. Money is a defense. Wisdom is also de…

Jul 10, 2022

Closure: Before, During and After

In following peace in our interaction with others, sometimes the path named closure seems necessary. Here is the gist, the episode I was cooking on cl…

Jul 3, 2022

Face Time with You

Some call it closure but what if it's a face time you truly need? I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write to you but I trust…

Jun 26, 2022

Last Sunday Speciale: You and Your Space

Trust service was great today and if today happens to be Thanksgiving, I hope your dancing shoes weren't dozing. Do you know there's something amazing…

Jun 5, 2022

God's mind is full of you

What is man, that you are mindful of him? Mere mortals, that you pay attention to him?Psalm 8:3-4 --- Send in a voice message:…

May 22, 2022

Walking on Ice🤨

Weather for two? Whether one or two? Single and married, is there a necessity for a needed blanket? --- Send in a voice message:…

May 15, 2022

In the Deepest Darkness: My Lifestyle

It is easy to think that the presence of obstacles is a pointer to God's absence. It is important to know that the challenges and problems that we can…

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