This show is about how 2 brave modern-day revolutionaries contribute to the advancement of the culture 1 episode at a time.

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Feb 1, 2023

Episode 126: "Bonded by Depression"

On this episode of Submaroach, Tmt & Koj have a hilariously vulnerable conversation. Listen to them discuss: Overfamiliarity Death Threats Fri…

Jan 25, 2023

Introducing "Problem Man" by TMT (Help me)

Hey guys,  TMT here. I kinda/sorta need your help launching my new Video Podcast "Problem Man".  If you're going through any funny/interesti…

Jan 24, 2023

Episode 125: "Silver Spoon Suffering" ft WANI

In this especially chaotic episode of Submaroach, Mayowa and TMT talk to equally chaotic artist WANI and talk about  1. Leaving Nigeria to unlock…

Jan 18, 2023

Episode 124: "Toxic Masculinity Nearly Ended My Life"

This week on Submarine and A Roach, Koj is joined by his friend Emmanuel for a thrilling episode of #KOJandFriends! They get into a variety of topics:…

Jan 10, 2023

Episode 123: "S.A.N - Senior Awoken Negro"E

Happy New year guys!  We're here, we're back!  TMT and KOJ going down a rabbit hole of nonsense and kind of die in it.  It's pretty fun…

Dec 20, 2022

Episode 122: "My mum works for NDLEA"

TMT is dead. Long live TMT!  This week, KOJ and Mayowa are joined by Ugo, Folake, and Kemi in the Submaroach studios and they discuss among other…

Dec 14, 2022

Episode 121: "Thin, Long and Curved"

In this episode of Submarine and a Roach the boys debate morality and the fall of man through these particular topics. 1. Cuppy calling TMT hungry. &n…

Dec 8, 2022

Episode 120: "God bless Stephanie Coker"

Koj, Mayowa and TMT get into another session of wild ass conversations that skirt around popular culture but edge the gates of hell.  1. We take…

Nov 29, 2022

Episode 119: "We had a secret show and we taped it"

Episode 119 features listeners of the podcast and we get into nonsense as usual. This episode ends abruptly but don't be alarmed!  --- Send in…

Nov 25, 2022

Episode 118: “Show me your group chat and I’ll show you who you are”

Hey guys!  The boys are back and all in the same room for the first time in 4 years! They’re drinking, going to weddings and catching up with p…

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