This show is about how 2 brave modern-day revolutionaries contribute to the advancement of the culture 1 episode at a time.

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May 10, 2022

Episode 104: "Ibadan Man vs Alcohol, Alcohol Wins"

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the Blue Corner we have the Ibadan Stallion and in the Red Corner, we have a Bottle of Whiskey. Listen very closely to this…

May 3, 2022

Episode 103: "I Love Stealing Lighters" ft @niyiokeowo

New episode alert.!!!!🚨🚨🚨 TMT returns from his suspension with a new friend, multidisciplinary artist and creative mercenary Niyi Okeowo and…

Apr 26, 2022

Episode 102: "Elon Musk - African Giant or AG Baby for Short"

Submarine and A Roach babyy! It's late but like it's still Tuesday in North America. Listen to Mayowa & KOJ get into: - TMT's suspension from the…

Apr 20, 2022

Easter Bonus: "F R I E N D S"

Easter Break but we couldn't leave you guys hanging. The content a couple weeks old but the jokes are fresh af! Tap in and listen to us discuss: - Re…

Apr 12, 2022

Episode 101: "That VS #eChoke" ft @TeezeeDRB

Episode 101 - Introduction To Episodes (Jk jk!) We have Teezee in the house and we get into a yaaaarrrnnnzzzzz: - Viagra - Dick Waffles - Dick Me…

Apr 5, 2022

Episode 100: "For Your Consideration" ft @tosanwilts

On the 100th Episode of the Podcast, we're joined by Tosan Wilts, a long time friend of the pod and radio personality. He helps the team achieve GOAT…

Mar 29, 2022

Episode 99: "TmtIsFresh? Haven't Heard That Name In Years"

I say episode 98 a bunch but it's actually 99. On this episode, we get into: - Loiter Squad - Music Listening Habits - Educating Yourself Outside of…

Mar 22, 2022

Episode 98: "Emperor's New Bros"

Episode 98 ya bish! Enjoy…

Mar 15, 2022

Episode 97 "No, Not This One"

This is not the Santi episode but it's close. On this episode, it's just Tmt & Koj cos logistics ya feel me? On Ep97 this episode: - Coming of age…

Mar 8, 2022

Episode 96: "Don't let Yasmin design the Submaroach Tats"

Hey pals! In this therapy session the trio discuss: - Kanye - Davido - Getting tattoos - Vices - Getting fits off…

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