Welcome to Stuck in The Middle podcast, A platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, and move-makers of African descent. Hear stories, ideas, experiences, and advise on breaking the barriers.

Each week we will meet with a new individual thriving in different areas of expertise. Our guests will share their success stories through meaningful advice and funny anecdotes, accompanied by useful life hacks and tricks of the trade. The conversations are educational, insightful and full of inspiration, dedicated to help you determine your career path, build your brand and improve your business.

Recent Episode(s)

Jun 14, 2021

Creator of Pidgin English Co., Social Media Specialist, & Co-owner of Humbeg Co | Olumide Yerokun

He goes by The African King but most people know him as Olumide Yerokun. He is A Dad, Entrepreneur, Social Media Specialist, Creator of Pidgin English…

Jun 8, 2021

She Founded The Pivot Consulting Group To Surpass Their Career & Income Goals | Dr. Margaret Alabi

Get in touch with Dr. Margaret Alabi... Twitter: @atl_MarG Linktree: Website: ► SUB…

May 16, 2021

How Sofia Maame Founded SMTPR A PR Agency For Beauty & Lifestyle Brands For & By Black Women + More!

SMTPR is a Creative Branding & Public Relations Agency shaping inclusive brands "On Purpose." Our integrated strategies have earned our clients in…

May 2, 2021

Cadaze Talks Music, Women's Health, Afro-pop, Entrepreneurship, Collaborating OMG Music + More!

Cadaze is a new artist in the DMV area. She focuses on African music but you will often find her singing songs from other genres. Please check out and…

Apr 20, 2021

How Living African Podcast is Challenging Cultural and Societal with Anyoh Fombad, + More!

Anyoh Fombad is a pharmacist, health economist, and most importantly, an African woman who is dedicated to sparking hard conversations that challenge…

Apr 6, 2021

Soundgahd talks Artistry as a Pastor’s Kid, Vintage Music Group, + More #ArtistSpotlightOnSitmpodcast

#SitmPodcast #ArtistSpotLight #Soundgahd VMG Producer, Vocalist, Instrumentalist. AWA & NEGA Award-nominated Artist. Follow his journey into t…

Mar 23, 2021

How Lemond ‘ImaG’ Brown Is Using Hip Hop To Educate Kids In STEM + More!

#STEAMtheBlock #Sitmpodcast #STEAM Lemond ‘ImaG’ Brown A STEAM Emcee, Teaches STEAM through Hip Hop (New Album) Book of Revolution 🚀…

Mar 9, 2021

Queen Izzy talks A-List, being an Afro Trap rapper, + More! | Artist Spotlight On Sitmpodcast

Queen Izzy is a 23-year-old female rapper, singer, and lyricist reigning from Raleigh, North Carolina. Coming from both Nigerian & American backgr…

Feb 21, 2021

How Dionne Khadija Built a community to journey through brokenness to emotional wellness + More!

Writings From A Broken Vessel is a Journeying together through brokenness to emotional wellness and refined faith founded by Dionne Khadija. She is al…

Feb 7, 2021

How He Built The Biggest Streetwear Brand for The African Diaspora | MIZIZI, Paakow Essandoh

Mizizi Is Turning the Sports Jersey Into a Symbol of African Pride. We Speak with The Founder, Paakow Essandoh, on How The Twenty Four Year Old Ghanai…

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