The Say your mind host, Kelechi Okafor, will make her obsessions your obsessions.
The show which airs every Monday, follows her train of thought, taking listeners through her unique thoughts on current events sprinkled with bad language and an abundance of straws.
Okafor has a fantastic sense of humor and a charming curiosity that seduces listeners into the topic du jour.While no one -maybe not even Okafor- can predict what the next subject will be, the podcast is perfect entertainment for conversations with the friends.

Recent Episode(s)

Jan 30, 2023

230: WPW feat Myleik Teele

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Jan 23, 2023

229: Let Me Tell You Something feat Jessica Wilson

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Play 01hr 22mins 08secs

Jan 16, 2023

228: 17 Hours

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Play 01hr 01mins 43secs

Jan 9, 2023

227: Sparkly Speculations feat Alice Sparkly Kat

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Jan 2, 2023

226: Fire in the Bum

Happy Gregorian New Year! TICKETS FOR SAY YOUR MIND LIVE IN NYC Send yo…
Play 01hr 33mins 57secs

Dec 26, 2022

225: Lew Yawns

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Dec 19, 2022

224: These Are My Confessions

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Play 01hr 28mins 41secs

Dec 13, 2022

223: Put The Camcorder Down (Manchester Live Show)

Third and final live show of 2023, our sold out SYM-posium at Canvas Manchester! Listen for good vibes, magnificence being shared, low value men being…
Play 02hr 43mins 13secs

Dec 5, 2022

222: Ready When You Are

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Play 01hr 11mins 31secs

Nov 28, 2022

221: Beans on Toast & Vibes (feat Jade, Keia, Amina and Lorraine)

I'm back! thank you to BetterHelp, Wine52 and Dipsea for sponsoring this week's episode. Insta handles I mentioned reiki - reiki.rai pauline - pendu…
Play 03hr 57mins 47secs

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