The Say your mind host, Kelechi Okafor, will make her obsessions your obsessions.
The show which airs every Monday, follows her train of thought, taking listeners through her unique thoughts on current events sprinkled with bad language and an abundance of straws.
Okafor has a fantastic sense of humor and a charming curiosity that seduces listeners into the topic du jour.While no one -maybe not even Okafor- can predict what the next subject will be, the podcast is perfect entertainment for conversations with the friends.

Recent Episode(s)

Sep 24, 2023

263: Here's A Rainbow feat Tippa Irie

South London Reggae icon Tippa Irie is on Say Your Mind this week, chatting all about his new book! Order his autobiography Stick To My Roots (Affili…
Play 01hr 56mins 32secs

Sep 18, 2023

262: A Winning Week feat Atinuke

Kelechi Okafor is joined by Atinuke, celebrating Black people throughout the history of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Pick up your copy of…
Play 02hr 11mins 54secs

Sep 11, 2023

261: Stay With Me feat Tenille Clarke

It’s book release week! Kelechi Okafor is chopping it up with another writer who makes waves with her words - Ms. Tenille Clarke. Read Every Body I…
Play 02hr 17mins 43secs

Sep 4, 2023

260: My Redneck Baby Boy feat Crash

You can find Crash on EMAIL TAROT READINGS:…t…
Play 01hr 49mins 57secs

Aug 28, 2023

259: Klu Klux Kwarteng feat Regina and Saira

Deconstructing Karen EMAIL TAROT READINGS:…
Play 02hr 33mins 28secs

Aug 21, 2023

258: The Lies of Lucy feat Dawn Butler

EMAIL TAROT READINGS:…tion-via-email GRAB your affirmation cards here :�…
Play 01hr 34mins 53secs

Aug 14, 2023

257: Thank you, Greg and Billybob

EMAIL TAROT READINGS:…tion-via-email GRAB your affirmation cards here :�…
Play 02hr 01mins 28secs

Aug 7, 2023

256: Closed Hearts Don't Get Fed ft. Warda Farah

EMAIL TAROT READINGS:…tion-via-email GRAB your affirmation cards here :�…
Play 01hr 43mins 01secs

Jul 31, 2023

255: Eternal Scammery

TW: s*xual violence. Graphic descriptions in straw of the week. EMAIL TAROT READINGS:…
Play 03hr 25mins 57secs

Jul 17, 2023

254: Dusty Detentions feat Cherrelle Skeete and Zackary Momoh

Send your letters, tarot questions and voice notes to [email protected] Join Straws Society tier on Patreon…
Play 01hr 45mins 02secs

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