The Say your mind host, Kelechi Okafor, will make her obsessions your obsessions.
The show which airs every Monday, follows her train of thought, taking listeners through her unique thoughts on current events sprinkled with bad language and an abundance of straws.
Okafor has a fantastic sense of humor and a charming curiosity that seduces listeners into the topic du jour.While no one -maybe not even Okafor- can predict what the next subject will be, the podcast is perfect entertainment for conversations with the friends.

Recent Episode(s)

Oct 3, 2022

216: Kwasiem Clarting feat Chinny & Astrid

Send your letters to PRE-ORDER EDGE OF HERE by KELECHI OKAFOR: Chinny and Astrid’s 'It’s a Continen…
Play 02hr 09mins 43secs

Sep 26, 2022

215: My Mum's in the Audience

Enjoy the live show! Thank you to Esmee for my amazing artwork on the stage and the logo for the live show! Thank you Nadra Safiri for the gorgeous sc…
Play 02hr 21mins 51secs

Sep 19, 2022

214: Hurry Up feat Rianna Walcott

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Play 02hr 24mins 13secs

Sep 12, 2022

213: All Aboard HMS After-life

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Play 02hr 11mins 28secs

Sep 5, 2022

212: The Corruption is Getting Worser

Send your letters to Wth was the end of the Dutch Grand Prix?! felt like Abu Dhabi weirdly. Will Alpha Tauri be able to explain…
Play 02hr 00mins 46secs

Aug 29, 2022

211: Offline Bling (feat Obioma Ugoala and Nana Mensah)

Enjoy carnival weekend. I am offline right now on my main socials. Live show tickets…
Play 02hr 18mins 00secs

Aug 9, 2022

Super Power State of Mind

Super Power State of Mind is a brand new podcast by Malin Andersson. In this podcast Malin Andersson will make uncomfortable conversations comfortable…

Aug 8, 2022

210: Fox Style

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Play 01hr 31mins 32secs

Aug 1, 2022

209: Fedora Fidelity

Send your letters, tarot questions and voice notes to…
Play 02hr 12mins 42secs

Jul 25, 2022

208: Tea and a Slice of N*g

Enjoy this week's live recording from my instagram live. Send your letters, tarot questions and voice notes to…
Play 02hr 06mins 21secs

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