This is a podcast hosted by Dolly & Isaac discussing the challenges and excitements as young people on the road to 30. We discuss everything from love, sex, religion to mental health and finances.

Recent Episode(s)

May 21, 2023


In this episode, we discuss the international day of the Boychild, and how we are doing, we share some nuggets on inner confidence and discuss the dif…

May 14, 2023

One Eyed ManE

In this episode, we discuss being truthful vs being kind, recent happenings in Nigeria, Lagos being the land of opportunity and we read some letters w…

May 7, 2023

Fail me Once ft AlexE

In this episode, Alex joins us and we discuss friendships, disrespectful police officers, and how we deal with failures and disappointment, and forgiv…

Apr 30, 2023

4 Years Don WakaE

In this episode, we celebrate 4 years of podcasting and we discuss what it means for us and how we have fared so far, we read some letters from listen…

Apr 23, 2023

Even CompositionE

In this episode we give advice to listeners, we talk about staying away from drugs, work anniversaries, and what it’s like working with each other.

Apr 16, 2023

19th Century Lagos ft BobbyE

In this episode, Bobby joins us and we discuss launching amusement parks, family histories, village people, taking opportunities in life, ups, and dow…

Apr 2, 2023

Free GameE

In this episode we discuss amusement parks, starting businesses, and getting canceled in the gym and we give advice to our listeners on real-life issu…

Mar 26, 2023

This Health Stuff Pt 2: Erectile Dysfunction ft Dr DavidsonE

In this episode, we were joined by DrDayveedsin and we discuss rants, the recent election drama, and Erectile dysfunction. We learned about what exact…

Mar 19, 2023

Value SetE

In this episode, we discuss values, value systems, ethical businesses, what we believe in, public stunts, and navigating friendships post-election per…

Mar 12, 2023

Guide LinesE

In this episode, we discuss cohabiting, conductor fights, and the troubles of Nigerian elections and we give advice to a listener in an interesting pr…

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