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Oct 15, 2022

12 Simple But Powerful Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

After all, if the past couple years have taught us anything, it’s that our mental well-being is just as important as our physical well-being — and…

Oct 7, 2022

HOW ARE YOU? A cliché or a genuine one?

This special episode is in support of the World Mental Health Day 2022 tagged Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority --- Send…

Oct 2, 2022

The Power of an Independent Mind

When you have something authentically your own in your mind, you start moving toward the soul. Then you become worthy, then you are able to know the s…

Sep 23, 2022

Social Anhedoniaa

Social anhedonia is often defined as an increased disinterest in all aspects of interpersonal relationships and a lack of pleasure in social situation…

Sep 16, 2022


This episode looks at why people procrastinate even when they know why shouldn’t delay taking that action. --- Send in a voice message: https://p…

Apr 10, 2022

Sanity And Mental Sanctity

How sacred is life to you? --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: https://…

Apr 1, 2022


Happy new month and welcome to the beginning of another quarter. This episode is about expectations and it’s impact on us. Listen and please share.

Mar 13, 2022

Embrace Your Imperfections

Do you have impossibly high standards for yourself—and maybe for others? Do you beat yourself up when you make even a small mistake? Do you find i…

Feb 26, 2022

Decluttering Your Mind -book review series

We open up this season with a book review --- Send in a voice message: Support this p…

Dec 26, 2021


Originally from the Latin word ‘Gratus’. Gratitude which is synonymous to thankfulness, gratefulness is an act of showing appreciation as a recipi…

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