What really matters? I mean what really, really matters? This is a question that has plagued humanity directly or indirectly for centuries.

A girl attended a 3-day church camp, and didn’t hear “jack”, her mind was everywhere else but present, she was so distracted and just going with the motion, then she hears “let’s bow our heads in prayer”
The speaker spoke in a still but soothing voice
“I want you to focus on what really matters… Phil 1:10”
And that simple statement sparked a question and a desire that she now tries to live by. I was that girl, and that girl is me:)

The goal of this podcast is to build a bridge that connects everyone irrespective of race, religion, orientation, ethnicity, age, gender etc and all other categories and labels we as humans have enabled to divide us.
This is for everyone across all spheres of life & I’m here to assist us all to realise & focus on what truly matters.

Love always,

Recent Episode(s)

Apr 23, 2022

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Jun 18, 2021

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