A journal through my 20’s.. for everyone seeking to Live unapologetically.
On RaRa, we have weekly laidback and chill conversations about matters affecting the millennial youth, ranging from Faith, Love, Relationships, Sexuality, Career choices and everything in between.
Let’s become better versions of ourselves together.

Recent Episode(s)

Apr 29, 2023

Lace it with intention.

Hear me out on this… and don’t forget to share with someone you love. All my love 🫶🏽…

Apr 13, 2023

Take this to the bank!

Let’s remind ourselves of the most reliable tender.. I know I’ve been M.I.A but your girl is back and I’m handing out goodies.. go check this ep…

Mar 7, 2023

I’m waging a war?

You best believe I’m about to lead a coup! Lol, listen and find out who we’re fighting in this episode. I hope you enjoy this one, and you share w…

Feb 28, 2023

For my motherland…

The past few days have been tough on Nigerians, I hope you find some rest in these few minutes. All my love🫶🏽…

Feb 21, 2023

Adult friendships 101

Everything about adulting is already so tough, but the friendship part? It tests your resolve and core values so strongly. I hope this episode stirs y…

Feb 14, 2023

The Valentine episode

Love is in the air, don’t wear face mask please. Bask in it, express it and receive it in all it’s beautiful forms. Let’s talk a bit about one o…

Feb 7, 2023

No, I won’t be doing that…

This episode will give you all the ginger you need to say “I won’t be doing that, if you’re so upset about my decision, then come and beat me, I…

Jan 31, 2023

He won’t let me swallow saliva in peace!

The first official episode of the season yaay! Welcome back tribe, let’s dive into the juicy gist that dwells around this person that won’t let me…

Jan 24, 2023

The prodigal son returns…

See… I knoww, and I’m very very sorry, English words can never be enough to apologize, but look who’s back! and is ready to dare them devils! An…

Jul 12, 2020


Episode 10! Phewww! It’s the season finale guys and I’m so grateful. I couldn’t have asked for a better tribe. I appreciate every single one of…

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