The podcast features over five different segments covering Motivation, Books, Fun Facts, Travel, Tips and Tricks, Poems, Interviews, Religion, Bants and Random Thoughts.

Recent Episode(s)

Jun 19, 2022

Monday Motivation episode 183

Turn those ideas to execution this week... --- Send in a voice message:…

Jun 6, 2022

Monday Motivation episode 182

Enjoy the journey too... --- Send in a voice message:…

May 26, 2022

Bants With Yusuf Akinpelu (Data Journalist)

On the 41st episode of Bants With, I spoke with Yusuf Akinpelu, an award-winning data journalist at BBC Africa who has written over 100 stories for pr…

May 24, 2022

Random Musings episode 105

The concept of love looks like different things to different people and it truly does my head in when people want to focus on just one angle/form of i…

May 22, 2022

Monday Motivation episode 181

May you have more good luck as you strive than bad luck. Ameen --- Send in a voice message:…

May 17, 2022

Random Musings episode 104 - My Nysc Experience

The Nysc experience is one that has been heavily criticized by a lot of people with strong arguments from both sides of the divide. For me though, it…

May 15, 2022

Monday Motivation episode 180

True strength sometimes lies in knowing your own weakness... --- Send in a voice message:…

May 11, 2022

Random Musings episode 103 - Lagos Living

Living in Lagos hasn't been the best of experience for me but taking a 6wks break from it made me realise that there are some aspects of the town that…

May 8, 2022

Monday Motivation episode 179

Sometimes shelf it... --- Send in a voice message:…

May 1, 2022

Reflections - Take A Minute(99Names of Allah)Ep15

For the fifteenth episode of Reflections - Take A Minute(99names of Allah). We look at the name of Allah; "Al-Muhaymin". Do listen to it and share it…

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