The podcast features over five different segments covering Motivation, Books, Fun Facts, Travel, Tips and Tricks, Poems, Interviews, Religion, Bants and Random Thoughts.

Recent Episode(s)

Nov 26, 2021

Bants With Dayo Moyo(Podcaster & School Proprietor)

For the 37th episode of Bants With, I spoke with Dayo Moyo on the very interesting podcast series he titled Let's Tour Africa Series". We spoke on the…

Nov 23, 2021

Random Musings episode 94 - Can We Stop MOVING

"We Move" is a common slang/phrase that is being echoed over and over again by Nigerians as a way of motivation to move on from issues that trouble or…

Nov 21, 2021

Monday Motivation episode 164

Speak up for yourself... --- Send in a voice message:…

Nov 20, 2021

Bants With Mifa Adejumo (Author&Podcaster) International Men's Day Special

Every November 19th yearly is being set aside for #InternationalMen'sDay and this year's theme is “Better relations between men and women”. So for…

Nov 16, 2021

Random Musings episode 93 - Let’s Talk About Hair

As a Nigerian woman, you are almost never taught about how to handle your hair in such a way that you can feel little or no pain, and in this episode,…

Nov 14, 2021

Monday Motivation episode 163

Do not overcomplicate things... --- Send in a voice message:…

Nov 7, 2021

Monday Motivation episode 162

Take a chance on yourself... --- Send in a voice message:…

Nov 1, 2021

Monday Motivation episode 161

Nothing is guaranteed... --- Send in a voice message:…

Oct 24, 2021

Monday Motivation episode 160

You deserve to be treated as CLASS... --- Send in a voice message:…

Oct 22, 2021

Bants With Sir Inyene (Photojournalist & Documentary Photographer)

Eti Inyene Godwin Akpan aka Sir Inyene is a Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer who bravely covered the #EndSARS protest and in this episode,…

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