The podcast features over five different segments covering Motivation, Books, Fun Facts, Travel, Tips and Tricks, Poems, Interviews, Religion, Bants and Random Thoughts.

Recent Episode(s)

Jan 17, 2023

Random Musings episode 115 - Water is Life

Water is life they say and on this episode of random musings, I gush about the miraculous healing powers of water and how my personal health struggles…

Jan 15, 2023

Monday Motivation episode 197

Keep your emotions in check this year... --- Send in a voice message:…

Jan 11, 2023

Random Musings episode 114 - Creators Exist Outside of Lagos!!!

Being a content creator in Nigeria is already an uphill task and so to be ignored by platforms only on the basis of being in a different location than…

Jan 8, 2023

Monday Motivation episode 196

Just Start it Today... --- Send in a voice message:…

Jan 1, 2023

Monday Motivation episode 195

It is a new year but you must remember to pace yourself... --- Send in a voice message:…

Jan 1, 2023

Thank You For 2022, Let's Break More Bounds in 2023

2022 was filled with a lot of mindblowing, overwhelming, good, bad, and ugly moments. All of which I am super grateful for and truly appreciate the fa…

Dec 27, 2022

Random Musings episode 113 - Lessons I learnt in 2022

The year 2022 was quite the year and there were some essential lessons that I learned and will be holding on to as I move forward into the year 2023.

Dec 25, 2022

Monday Motivation episode 194

You won if you stayed alive... --- Send in a voice message:…

Dec 5, 2022

The Birthday Episode - This is 30:To Live Boldly, Loudly & Truly.

Another 365 days have gone by for me again; it is my favorite day of the year. #Year29 was a truly blessed and super productive year for which I am gr…

Oct 23, 2022

Monday Motivation episode 193

Let your fear drive you and not discourage you... --- Send in a voice message:…

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