A Podcast about Africans by Africans. Great conversations with Africans of various walks on African issues of various kinds with a focus on progress.Pod Save Africa is a community platform sharing African perspectives on African narratives. We connect with various initiatives across the African continent and highlight their successes. We explore the interesting details of our history, our present and explore our hopes for the future through weekly podcast episodes.

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Oct 25, 2021

Perception of commonality: A macroeconomic outlook

In this episode, we look back on the conversation we had with our guest, Negash Haile, in our last two episodes on the macroeconomic state of the Afri…

Oct 10, 2021

Looking at tops of heads - The Macroeconomic view of the African people

Today we continue our conversation with Negash on the macroeconomic situation in Africa from the lens of the people.  Please enjoy and follow us…

Sep 21, 2021

It's the economy, stupid : A view on Africa's Macroeconomic situation (Part 1)

Boy do we have a treat for you! Today, as part of our ongoing collaboration with the Africa Study Group, we interview Negash Haile, a Rwandan macroec…

Sep 7, 2021

News Update - Protecting The People

Today we discuss the (in) actions taken by African governments to protect their people and the effects of those decisions. In South Africa, we see the…

Aug 22, 2021

Anywhere belle face - On Nigeria's foreign and domestic policy

Hello Listeners,  Today we wrap up our conversation with Teni and we left off looking at how the injustices experienced in Nigeria are not unique…

Aug 9, 2021

Giant of Africa: A Distorted Perception

In this follow up conversation with Teni, we take a look at Nigeria's perceived dominance in West Africa. We also discuss influences that have shaped…

Jul 26, 2021

West Africa's Post-Colonial Debacle

This week we speak to Teniola Tayo about the economic development situation in Nigeria and broader West Africa with regards to development needs, curr…

Jul 12, 2021

Shielding the most vulnerable amongst us part 2

Today we continue our conversation about social safety nets in Africa with Chukky Ibe, editor of Trad magazine ( Chukky…
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Jun 28, 2021

Shielding the most vulnerable amongst us part 1

Today we talk about social safety nets in Africa. Chukky Ibe from Tradmag walks us through the current ecosystem of safety nets in Africa and how we s…

Jun 14, 2021

Let's Talk About Chad

The passing of President Idriss Derby came as a bit of a shock to West Africa after almost 30 years serving as the President of the Republic of Chad.

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