Podcast straight out of Uganda talking about the latest Movies, TV and Music with a pinch of humor! The stooges are Kevin, Moses and Sam!

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Aug 19, 2017

Stooges Finale (Feat. Valarheey!!!)

The stooges get into Christopher Nolan's latest triumph, pick their best TV shows since 2010 and entertain Athena Valarheey on this episode.

Jul 24, 2017

Episode 06- Spiderman homecoming & Melodrama

The stooges critic Spiderman homecoming movie with contrasting takes as well as Lorde's sophomore album Melodrama.

Jul 14, 2017

American gods and the best/worst albums of 2017... so far!

The Stooges are back after a long break to talk about the brilliant but polarizing American gods and list their best albums of 2017! Also stick around…

Mar 28, 2017

The Silent Treatment and his Hurt-Less Album

Young new-comer The Silent Treatment aka Roland joins us to talk about his debut album Hurt-Less out 30th March 2017. Ace Media Design for any market…

Mar 25, 2017

Kong: Skull Island, Ed Sheeran's Divide (feat. Sharon from Cinema Redpill)

Joined by Sharon from the cinema redpill podcast, the stooges talk about Ed Sheeran's Divide, Kong: Skull Island, James Bond and Sharon's love for cin…

Mar 10, 2017

I Decided, Taboo, Stormzy (Feat. Bwomono " O to the N" Henry)

This week the stooges have a fourth member in Henry Bwomono as they talk about Big Sean's I Decided, Tom Hardy's Taboo and Stormzy's Gang Signs and Pr…

Mar 4, 2017

Sherlock And A Game Of Hidden Figures

The stooges are back for season 2! Start it off with a no nonsense review of Sherlock and, finally, what starts to feel like more of a celebration tha…

Nov 26, 2016

We Got It From Here, Thank You Atlanta!

After a long break, the stooges return with a look at A Tribe Called Quest, Bruno Magic, Atlanta FX, Insecure, Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts.

Sep 26, 2016

Narcos, Birds In The Trap, The Sun's Tirade and The Emmys

We talk about two new rap albums; The Sun's Tirade and Birds In The Rap. We also look at the brilliant second season of Narcos and get to the Emmys.

Sep 11, 2016

The Night Of Lil Wayne... and Suits

Join us as we review series; Suits and The Night Of. Plus we take a look at Lil Wayne's career. And yes! we are joined by Kathryne Katabazi! Enjoy!

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