Oil & Gas Conversations is the first Oil & Gas Podcast talking about the industry from an African perspective. It is focused on exciting conversations about the Oil & Gas Industry, growing use of Renewable Energy, advancement in technology and the Energy Industry as a whole

Recent Episode(s)

Jun 11, 2021

#19 - Career Transition to Renewables

In this episode, we are joined by Nonso Anyigbo to discuss transitioning from the Oil & Gas Industry to the renewables energy industry Please r…

May 24, 2021

#18 - Why Nigeria Does Not Have 24hr Power

This year, Nigeria overtook Congo to become the worst country globally when comparing access to electricity with an estimated 85 million people withou…

May 5, 2021

#17 - Corruption in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas industry is perceived as being a hotbed of corruption especially when compared to other non-extractive industries. In this episode,…

Dec 15, 2020

#16 - Women in Energy: Representation

In this episode, we have an enlightening conversation on female representation with SPE’s Section Director (Lagos Chapter), Oghogho Effiom Please…

Dec 3, 2020

#15 - Oil Price: What is Really Going On? (3)

Investor Relations Specialist, Ibukun Opeodu is back on the podcast to breakdown what has been going on with oil prices during the pandemic Please r…

Nov 18, 2020

#14 - Are Electric Vehicles Taking Over?

The negative effects of climate change are apparent and with transportation being one of the top 10 causes of global warming, the need for cleaner veh…

Oct 19, 2020

#13 - Nigeria's Petrol Subsidy

In this episode, Research & Policy Analyst, Folahan Johnson joins us to discuss why after more than a decade of subsidizing the price of petrol, t…

Jul 30, 2020

Bonus Episode - Season 1 Recap

Thank you all for listening to the first season of the Oil & Gas Conversations podcast. The podcast will be going on a brief hiatus and will be ba…

Jul 20, 2020

#12 - 9 To 5 in the Industry

In the past, the Oil and Gas industry was highly attractive and known for high salaries and competitive benefits. Today, there is a lack of interest,…

Jun 8, 2020

#11 - Starting an Oil & Gas Company

The Oil and Gas Industry rarely has young entrepreneurs starting up businesses along the value chain especially in countries like Nigeria. Chuck Nwapa…

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