A thought driven analysis towards self development. I pick a thought and examine different perspectives to reach a conclusion that can help my listeners.

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Recent Episode(s)

Mar 25, 2022

014 - Stand Still and See

Imagine you are right in the middle of a life-threatening event. Any decision you make, any move you make could mean the difference between life and d…

Feb 17, 2022

013 - Yours is the glory

What if there is more to the concept of glory than meets the eye? In the podcast, I discuss an interesting perspective on the very popular phenomenon…

Jan 22, 2022

012 - To what end

Every human can attest to the consistent desire for growth and development. This need never goes away regardless of how much or how little you accompl…

Apr 2, 2021

011 - My mum talks about Harry and Meghan part 2 (An opinionated discussion)

My conversation with my mum lasted a bit too long so we have two episodes (well we all expected it! lol). The good thing there is much to glean and I…

Apr 2, 2021

010 - My mum talks about Harry and Meghan part 1 (An opinionated discussion)

I am so blessed to have an extra amazing mum. We had a sit-down to share our opinions on the Harry and Meghan bombshell interviews. Our opinions are k…

Mar 1, 2021

009 - Millennials vs Gen Z (An opinionated discussion)

Battle of the generations - So what had happened was @moechivious shared a tweet that reads "Sure Gen Z know how to use the apps but Millenials OWN th…

Feb 19, 2021

008 - Women, careers and child bearing (An opinionated discussion)

So Naomi showed me a tweet that reads, One of the most underrated advice for women who want to juggle both family and a great career (that I heard fro…

Sep 24, 2020

Dream (Spoken Word Poetry)

Some people may not know this about me but I love to do poetry and I always write to call for change. Because I believe in a future that is better tha…

Jul 4, 2020

007 - Roadmap to the new

There is a great way to maximize the new experiences we want to have! This is what we discuss in this episode and you also get to hear actual life sto…

May 26, 2020

006 - Identifying the New

To conquer the fear that stops us from new experiences opens up a very important question. If we can do anything, should we do everything? This episod…

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