Hosted by four Nigerian women, Not Your African Cliché is a podcast that highlights the complex stories of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. Drawing from their experiences at home and abroad, the ladies of NYAC have conversations every other week that range from African literature and travel, to politics and activism. With healthy servings of laughter, snark and critical analysis, NYAC Podcast challenges myths and assumptions about the African continent and its people.

Recent Episode(s)

Jun 11, 2019

NYAC S4 E14: Presidential Aspirations

We chat with Chike Ukaegbu, a 2019 Nigerian presidential candidate, about his path to running a political campaign, his motivations, the challenges of…

May 29, 2019

NYAC S4 E 13: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Reports Our Stories?

On this episode we speak with Oluwatosin Adeshokan, a freelance journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria, about his career trajectory and the current state…

Apr 30, 2019

NYAC S4 E12: A Basket Full of Social Impact

On this episode, we chat with Coretta Owusu about Design Dua, her Ghana-based company that makes functional handwoven basketry. She shares the nitty g…

Apr 19, 2019

NYAC S4 E11: Empathy, What is it Good for?

NYAC S4 E11: Empathy, What is it Good for? On this episode we speak with literature buff, writer and embodiment of Pan-Africanism, Clarisse Baleja…

Mar 26, 2019

NYAC S4 E10: The Boy Who Harnessed Drones

We talk with Dumi Kaliati, the founder and CEO of a Malawian based health and hardware start up called MicroMek. MicroMek specializes in creating low…

Mar 12, 2019

NYAC S4 E9: Mauritian Identity

On this episode, we learn about Mauritius and the Mauritian identity from a guest Ms. Axelle Lagaillarde. She educates us about its history, politics…

Feb 21, 2019

NYAC S4 E8: Is this Love that We're Feeling?

It’s February, the month of Love! We share what we consider love to be, how we love, and how we like to be loved. Listen to find out who shows love…

Feb 5, 2019

NYAC S4 E7: Consent is Mandatory

We begin 2019 with a bang! On this episode we chat with the Oluwaseun Ayodeji, the Executive Director of Stand to End Rape (STER) Initiative about the…

Dec 18, 2018

NYAC S4E6: Issa Nigerian Feast

On this episode, we talk with Ozoz of Kitchen Butterfly, an excellent Nigerian food blog. Ozoz shares her journey to creating kitchen, h…

Dec 5, 2018

NYAC S4 E5: Informal Settlements, Inequality and African Cities

We are joined by special guest Wandile Mthiyane (@Wandile7) of Ubuntu Design Group to work through the questions: how did African cities come to be? H…

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