Nigerian American is Lanre ‘eLDee’ Dabiri’s podcast about society and culture. It launched in August 2017. eLDee is a Nigerian-American musician/producer/entrepreneur. A well known social commentator and influencer, eLDee is an acclaimed thought leader. He is credited as an early pioneer of the now global Afrobeats music genre and an innovator of sorts with all of his groundbreaking accomplishments.

In this podcast, eLDee tells personal stories and dramatized illustrations of personal life lessons using examples from his experiences living in Nigeria and America. eLDee’s experience as a successful music producer and performer gives the listener a rare and truly unique listening experience. The storytelling has been described by critics as truly engaging and highly captivating.

Podcast topics include stories around social issues, human philosophy, behavioral sciences and various contrasting perspectives around modern pop culture.

Recent Episode(s)

Apr 30, 2023

Startups & i-Robots [Episode 34]

Toks and I catch-up on past experiences and the evolution of humanity as it relates to Artificial intelligence.The Independent RiotDeep dives with exp…
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Mar 2, 2023

A Cold Night

In this re-run episode I talk about an experience I had on a cold harmattan night in Kaduna, the morning before I started secondary school.The Indepen…

Feb 17, 2023

Prof [Episode 33]

In this episode, I speak with Obehi Okojie about Nigeria and the 2023 elections.The Independent RiotDeep dives with experts and madmen into life's mos…
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Feb 8, 2023

Stronger Together [Episode 32]

In this episode Sam and I discuss the value of having an intentional community and a few challenges as first generation Nigerian-Americans.The Indepen…
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Feb 1, 2023

The Looting Machine [Episode 31]

In this episode, Tom Burgis, author of the book 'The Looting Machine', shares his in-depth knowledge on corruption and kleptocracy in the ex…

Jan 25, 2023

Dr Sweetness [Episode 30]

Ojia Foster aka "Dr Sweetness" & I discuss the overwhelming challenges of medical practice in Nigeria.Support the show…
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Jan 18, 2023

The Matthews [Episode 29]

In this episode, I chat with Steve Matthews about intercultural relationships.The Independent RiotDeep dives with experts and madmen into life's most…

Jan 11, 2023

Karate Kid

In this episode I tell some stories about my experience at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.The Independent RiotDeep dives with experts and madmen int…

Jan 4, 2023

The Baton Girl [Episode 28]

In this episode I interview Edidiong "Diddi" Emah, a professional dancer, performing artist and creative director who you might recognize as…
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Dec 29, 2022

Living With SCD [Episode 27]

In this episode, Dolly and I discuss living with SCD with our friends Ese and Mari SifoThe Independent RiotDeep dives with experts and madmen into lif…
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