MySelfPortrait podcast is about encouraging, uplifting and empowering others by discussing everyday phases/parts of our lives from a Christian perspective.

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Dec 15, 2021

S4E1- Avoiding Holiday Stress

It's the holiday season, and it can be a stressful time especially as a single gal! In this episode, I talk about ways to avoid/cut down on stresses f…

Dec 15, 2021

Season 4 Trailer

It's been a loooong hiatus, and life has been happening but we're back! A brand new trailer with some switch-ups this season! We're still talking abou…

Aug 29, 2021

S3E15 - Single & Satisfied (Final Episode!)

In the FINAL episode of this season! Have you ever wondered what it means to be satisfied in God? I talk about what being satisfied as a believer look…

Aug 22, 2021

S3E14 - Single & Stirred (in faith)

Today's episode is Single & Stirred! In this episode, I'm talking about being called or moved by God to do something for Him and His glory! I also…

Aug 15, 2021

S3E13 - Single & Strong (Part 2)

Today's episode is Single & Strong (Part 2). In this episode, there's a quick re-cap on Part 1 episode (go back and listen, if you haven't yet!) A…

Aug 8, 2021

S3E12 - Single & Strong (Part 1)

Today's episode is split into 2 parts, with this being Single & Strong (Part 1). In this episode, I'm talking about being strengthened not to surv…

Aug 1, 2021

S3E11 - Single & Searching

Today's episode is a follow-up from the last episode, Single & Silent, which is talking about when you are in a season of feeling like God isn't p…

Jul 25, 2021

S3E10 - Single & Silent

Have you ever felt lost when it comes to where you are going in life? If we're honest, we've all been there at some point. In this episode, I talk abo…

Jun 27, 2021

S3E9 - Life Update: A Little Encouragement

Hey, y'all! This week I faced something that I have drawn inspiration from and wanted to share it with you! This isn't a normal episode but wanted to…

Jun 20, 2021

S3E8 - Single & Spiritual

This week's episode is titled Single& Spiritual. I talk about "What does being spiritual mean?" and 'Can you be spiritual and Christian too?" If y…

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