My Opinion podcast is about various issues we face as individuals in our day to day activities. Here, you listen on a conversation between my guest and myself concerning issues affecting us and how we dealt with these issues

Recent Episode(s)

Sep 26, 2021

Body Shaming and other gist in between

What’s popping guys! This is another wonderful episode and trust me you do not want to miss this. On this episode we discussed about body shamming,…

Jul 31, 2021

“Food gives me Peace”

On this episode I talked about how your peace of mind should not be dependent on people but on yourself. Also on this episode I ranted on various topi…

Jun 14, 2021

Answered FAQ About ME

On this episode, frequently asked questions about me and my podcast journey were answered. Also make sure you listen to the end of this episode for a…

May 15, 2021

Should JAPA be your Plan B

On this episode, we talked about the economic situation of Nigeria, the change Nigeria needs and why people want to leave the country.  …

May 1, 2021

Growing In Faith In your 20s

On this episode I and guest discussed about what faith means to us, how we try our best to grow in faith and the challenges we face when growing in fa…

Apr 19, 2021

Wake up and see the signs

On this episode I and my guest talked about signs to look out for in relationship and before entering a relationship. We also discussed about the mani…

Apr 8, 2021

Girls gist: Growing up in a Nigerian home

Happy Easter!!!! On this episode we shared our stories on what it was like for us to grow up in a Nigerian household. This is a fun and exciting episo…

Feb 27, 2021

Stop buying things you dont need!!!!!

On this episode, I and my guest discussed about how to evaluate things you need vs things you want. This is a very informative episode you do not want…

Feb 13, 2021

Valentines special Chit-chat

In this episode, my guest and I discussed on things ranging from Valentine gifts, to the perfect proposals and also topics relating to everything rela…

Jan 30, 2021

Networking Through 2021

On this episode me and my guest discussed about the power of networking, the do’s and don’t of networking and places to network. This episode is p…

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