Its a mind trip podcast that gives an insight to my mental wellbeing and yours too!! It also has to do with finding what soothes your soul and what helps to keep you on a higher self vibration!

Recent Episode(s)

Jan 16, 2023

Friends with my Ex?

On this Episode Muna is responding to a listener submission regarding being friends with ex's, she genuinely hates ex topics and believes this will be…

Jan 8, 2023

Happy New Year! Bye 22

A warm welcome Episode from the New Year with muna sharing her highlights, struggles and lessons from 22 whilst wishing 22 a farewell. sit back and ch…

Apr 7, 2022

We are back! {Balance in the Chaos}

There is so much happening in the world this episode will give an insight on how to LIVE through all the chaos going in. i hope you enjoy it consideri…

Jul 14, 2021

Managing an EX's Drama

Here my guest and i will be talking about how to deal with an ex's drama, how to move on and heal without hurting anybody,how to manage your emotions…

Jan 18, 2021

Self care 2021

It’s a New Year and we are ushering it in with self care and self love all year, So sit back and listen to the extra effort you need to make on your…

Jan 4, 2021

BONUS!! New Year,same you?

It’s a BONUS! bants and realizations, new year and new goals to smash innit?

Sep 2, 2020

Anxiety and Fear is a thing

Everyone is going through silent battles, anxiety and fear is all part of basically be kind, listen and get restored…

Jul 15, 2020


We struggle with so much as humans personally but a process we need to go through in other to reach our higher self is healing.

Jun 19, 2020

Travel and Tourism with Toke aka Alarinka

On this Episode Toke aka Alarinka shares with us her experiences and challenges travelling round the 36 states in Nigerian and encourages us to be mor…

Jun 12, 2020

A guideline to be mentally ready for Marriage?

There's just so much pressure and talks about marriage especially when the society folks think as soon as a woman is born she should automatically be…

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