Monday Morning Tonic is a platform that was set up to help people get to a great start on the first working day of the week (Monday) and also to keep them bubbling and inspired all through the week.
I do this by sharing wisdom nuggets and encouraging words to help people feel great about themselves and give their best shots at life!

Recent Episode(s)

May 25, 2020

Investing In Your Dreams

In this episode, I spoke about how we must go all out to see that our dreams and visions see the light of day. We must be ready to invest our time, mo…

May 11, 2020

The River in You!

This episode encourages listeners to search deep within themselves and take time to harness the treasures that lie in them because THERE IS MORE!

May 4, 2020

You Are Your Own Prophet!

In this episode, I spoke about how powerful our words are and how we can literally use our words to create our world. I encouraged my listeners to sto…

Apr 20, 2020

DECLUTTER-Clear the Clutter!

In this episode, I spoke about how we need to constantly ensure that our minds are free of debris and unnecessary stuff so we can maintain our sanity…

Apr 13, 2020

Staying in touch with You!

In this episode, I talked about how INTENSE the COMPETITION for our ATTENTION has become due to smartphones and social media; I highlighted the effect…

Apr 6, 2020


In this episode, I am inviting you to a Reality Check Party 🎊 *What has formed your convictions and informed your decisions over the years, *What d…

Apr 5, 2020

Monday Morning Tonic 🍷🍾 (Trailer)


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