Moments with Dee, is a podcast where youths are giving the opportunity to rant about everything surround us, as a young adult we come from different backgrounds and have different views in life , so here on “moments with dee “ we talk, laugh and argue with Almost everything

Recent Episode(s)

Apr 27, 2020

Meet Ariyike

So on today’s episode I got to chat with my curvy girl 😍😍😍 she is a baby girl 😍😍😍 we talked about random stuff and we sure had a w…

Apr 25, 2020

Welcome to my youth

As a kid growing up wasn’t very comfortable but then our mom made it work for us , on today’s episode on moments with dee , I shared a little bit…

Apr 12, 2020

Shooting shots

Today’s episode , we talked about “ shooting shots “ it we intend a very interesting episode because I had amazing friends with me , we shared o…

Apr 11, 2020

Episode2 on MEET ME, featuring Stephanie Takeme

On today’s episode I decided to feature my home girl , just because I really wanted a little bit of spice , we had the chance to talk and also laugh…

Apr 8, 2020

Meet ME

Interview session with Winnie…

Apr 4, 2020

Moments with Dee (Trailer)


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