It shares bible stories in 21st Century Language. It’s about Jesus, culture and lifestyle.

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Dec 31, 2020

020: How Dare I Forget? #TestimonyTime

On this episode, we round off the year in gratitude. Maryam testifies on how God save her in an accident and then proceeds to talk briefly on the powe…

Nov 30, 2020

019: Therapy Session #EndSars

The past few weeks in Nigeria have been crazy; from the #EndSars Protest to the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre. These events are scaring and traumatic, emph…

Aug 12, 2020

018: The Untold Story of Tamar #ARadioDramaE

This episode is a radio drama of the bible story of Tamar. The daughter of King David who was raped by her half-brother, Amnon [2 Samuel 13]. So grab…

May 23, 2020

017: Hagar #TheFirstBabyMama

We were LIVE on Instagram Light Up Fam! It was amazing and we had a blast! Just in case you missed out, grab your popcorn & juice, here's a replay…

Mar 30, 2020

016: You are not Alone #Covid19

There's a pandemic; Corona Virus has spread faster than we imagined. We have a choice - Fear or Faith? On today's episode, we gather to pray, prophesy…

Mar 11, 2020

015: Love Lessons from Ruth & Boaz [2] #RnB

On this episode, we begin with sharing experiences from Valentine's Day and we're ushered in by @sinmidele's song, 'Happy Valentines'. This Podcast ep…

Feb 12, 2020

014: Love Lessons from Ruth & Boaz [1] #RnB

On this episode, I and my friend Eloho begin with a story on how bad behaviour or unclear conscience could make you avoid a friend or even God! Then e…

Jan 31, 2020

013: POUR #TheWidowsOil

On this episode, we begin with a story on Lagos traffic and that turns to a lesson on hearing from God! Then explore how the story of the Widow's oil…

Jan 15, 2020

012: Boomerang #LetsCatchUp

Long time no see... But guess what, we're back! Starting off the year with Another Episode of the Podcast, Let's Catch up! So grab a seat, get a drink…

Jul 3, 2019

011: The Bible #WhatsTheBigDeal

On this episode, we begin with Flight Seat Drama that turns to a blessing! Then explore how the bible is a Love story that's a big deal. So grab a sea…

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