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Dec 6, 2022

The 'SPECS' of Responsibility | EP 66

How to grow in personal accountability and maturity beyond your age After this life skills session, you would have acquired the right knowledge, skill…

Feb 11, 2022

Maturity and Growth | EP65

This episode is a continuation of the previous.  In this episode, I shared some key life coaching questions to ask to grow in clarity. Do share w…

Jan 25, 2022

How to Grow through Personal Development | EP64

Buy truth—don’t sell it for love or money; buy wisdom, buy education, buy insight. Proverbs 23:23 MSG But how? How do you buy it? By visiting a bo…

Jan 14, 2022

Habits: Breaking it all Down | EP63

Imagine you can grow in performance and really scale your goals? Try this approach - Habits!  Let me know how this helps, send me a DM on Instagr…

Mar 31, 2021

How to 'Scan' God's Purpose for your Life

There's so much power embedded in sight. Sight transcends the boundaries of human biological visioning to inner depths of meaning and significance. I…

Jan 24, 2021

The Power of Vision and Goals

What more beyond just setting goals? What's the nexus between visions and goals? The goal of this session recorded at the TYS is to appreciate the bl…

Dec 7, 2020

Must I Lead?

By the time you're done, you will definitely have an answer to this question: MUST I LEAD? Look at it this way, in the architecture of the mind, one…

Nov 23, 2020

How to Get Back Firm & Anchored amidst the Sways & Swings of 2020

2020 has been a daunting year, no doubt; the focus should now be on how to make 2021 which is few days around the corner, an amazing year.⁣ It's tim…

Oct 25, 2020

Finding Strength

In the words of Shakespeare, ‘to thine own self be true’ Sometimes we experience certain events that sometimes, we’re unable to even disclose at…

Jul 18, 2020

Life Skills for the Exceptional Young Person

As a young professional, how can you live an exceptional life in career, lifestyle and relationships? There is a way to live, There is a way to work,…

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